what happened? (Punk Louis)

Ally is bullied in tell one day she has had enough of Louis and his other little punk friends.So she changes no picks on her anymore one day she has to live a long.And louis and his friends come over to hang.Will she hang with him then get lip pierces like Louis?


23. hang on you what?

Louis got pulled away and said i can't do this.What is wrong i asked feeling a bit sad as my Butterflies dropped.Well i am dating some one he said looking at the floor.Who and how long? i asked Well it is Brittany and we have been dating for 2 months.

Louis you cheated on me when i was dating you,i said running out of the room crying.

No please Ally! he shouted as i ran crying to the guest room.I locked the door

No one really loves me he played me he hurt me.

I heard banging on the door.ALLY! Harry shouted.I opened the door.He pulled me into a bear hug.What happened?He asked worried.Well me and L-Louis kissed then he just admits he was cheating on me.

Wow that has to hurt.He picked me up and i just hugged him and tighten my grip on his shirt.He just kissed me on top of my head.I blushed he made me feel calm in tell i hear a knock at the door.I will get it i said hopping out of his hands.

i opened the door it was Fake Brittany.I am here to see Louis she said Bitchy.He is up stairs.I said letting her in.Who is it Louis called down WHO IS IT? COME DOWN HERE AND SEE LAZY ASS!i yelled.

He came down and hugged her  i walked to the Kitchen where Harry was cooking.Hey wanna watch a movie with us?He asked  Sure what movie? i asked Twilight he said with  smile.That brought back memories when me and Louis watched that one day for lazy day.I wanted to bust in to tears and just fall to the ground  

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