what happened? (Punk Louis)

Ally is bullied in tell one day she has had enough of Louis and his other little punk friends.So she changes no picks on her anymore one day she has to live a long.And louis and his friends come over to hang.Will she hang with him then get lip pierces like Louis?


34. Going to the party

I was dreaming in till some one was shaking me.Wake up Wake up!Louis said shaking me.Why? I asked annoyed.Ally come on get ready to go to a party with me He said and got off the bed.UGHHH I HATE AND WHAT PARTY? i yelled sleepily.Yeah now get up before i do it.

I got out of bed and went in the shower. i just sat in the bathtub.HURRY UP! Louis yelled on the other side of the door.MAKE ME! i yelled back.The door opened.He picked me up and put a towel over my bum.He walked down stairs.NO LOUIS THEY WILL SEE ME! I yelled That is why i covered your bum.

He said giggling.He walked outside crap Directioners !I said.He threw me in the pool.AHHH! it is cold!I said.Lou Lou i need help i said.He reached out his hand.I pulled it towards me and he feel.Luckily Paul scared off the Directioners.I popped out of the water.So did Louis.

He kissed me and he licked the bottom of my lip and i let him in.I pulled away where is the party? i asked him.Here.I ran out and ran in the house while Liam just stared at me like an idiot.I got my bikini on.I walked out and Louis had some friends over.

I sat there in the sun.I felt some one sit on the end of the chair.Hey babe.Louis said.Hey i said with a smile.Can you bring out the snacks? Louis asked softly.Sure thing i said and got off the chair.I walked in the kitchen.It was quiet.I got up and got beers and food i walked out and gave everybody one.

i walked in my room i plopped down on my bed.I fell asleep.I felt some one crawl up the covers and rub my thigh.I opened my eyes and there I saw Louis.I just kissed him.We started to make out Louis rolled over me.I wrapped my arms around his neck.Slowly undid my top.I broke the kiss by ripping off his shirt.

H pulled down my bottoms.I rubbed his member.I took off his pants and his underwear.With out warning he went into me i moaned and moaned in till we were finished.He plopped down beside me.And wrapped his arms around me and fell asleep.

Then,i realized we did not use a condom.I just fell asleep not worrying as much.    

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