what happened? (Punk Louis)

Ally is bullied in tell one day she has had enough of Louis and his other little punk friends.So she changes no picks on her anymore one day she has to live a long.And louis and his friends come over to hang.Will she hang with him then get lip pierces like Louis?


31. few years later

I still had feelings for Louis but now he was with Eleanor.I heard my phone go off me and Louis were now best friends.I answered it.It was Louis.Hey i am having a wedding.Oh with Eleanor?i said in a mean voice.Yeah wanna come?He asked.

Yea sure what day?I asked.Friday.He said Okay see ya there i said putting down the phone.I fell on my bed and cried.I might as well go pick a dress.I walked in a dress store.I looked around i couldn't find anything as soon as i was going to give up i saw a really punk but pretty black and red dress

dress. I knew it wasn't wedding type but it was awesome.I went in to hot topic and bought it.It was Friday.

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