what happened? (Punk Louis)

Ally is bullied in tell one day she has had enough of Louis and his other little punk friends.So she changes no picks on her anymore one day she has to live a long.And louis and his friends come over to hang.Will she hang with him then get lip pierces like Louis?


35. a baby?


I peacefully sleeping until i felt Ally jump out of bed.She ran to the bathroom and shut the door.I followed quickly behind.I heard her throwing up."Ally are you okay?"i asked worried."Just a bit sick" she said sadly.


I sat by the toilet feeling like i was going to get sick any minute now again.Louis opened the door picked me up and put me on the bed softly.I will go make you breakfast he said giving me a worried smile.Thank you.I said sweetly.As he walked down stairs i remembered something this is how i felt when i was pregnant.

 I called Louis up.Is there something wrong he asked worried.I may be pr-pregnant.I said scared that he would leave me.Instead he just gave me a big hug,I AM GOING TO BE A DADDY!!! Louis shouted over and over.

Lets go get a test Louis said excited.I was scared of what will happen what if the baby dies?I walked down with Louis sadly.When i got into the car Louis didn't start the car.I gave him a confusing look.What is wrong he asked sadly.What if i can't do it.I said with tears on the rim of my eyes.Then Louis grabbed my small hands and said.You will Ally last time doesn't matter anymore i believe in you he said and kissed my forehead.

Thank you i said wiping the tears.We got the test and went home i went to the bathroom and took it and it was an...

I ran down to Louis and showed him happily he picked me up and kissed me all over my face.

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