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13 year old Talia Joy Castellano has Neurblasoma and Leukemia. And she loves Justin Beiber and wants to meet him. What happens when that wish comes true? And when he comes he meets her sister 17 year old Taylor. What happens when they fall for each other? Justin asks if she has cancer? She lies and denies it the truth is she has a cancer called Osteosarcoma. Will Justin find out that Taylor is lying? What will Talia think? And will either of these girls survive?


2. chapter 2

Talia's POV

I woke up to my sister, Taylor and my mom sitting beside my bed watching tv.

"Good morning sleepy head" said my mom and my mom ruffled my head and kissed it.

"Moom don't do that" I said and scolded her.

"Hey hey be nice to mom" Taylor interrupted and I let it go and logged on my YouTube account.

"Hey the doctor needs to talk to us, put that away please and Taylor please go find the doctor" my mom said and I put it away just as Taylor left.

"What do they want now mom" I groaned. I was tired of all the surgeries and the talking nonsense. We'll, some was nonsense.

A few minutes later the doctor came back.

"Good morning Talia!" Greeted doctor Russo and he asked Taylor to step out for now and she did but I saw her peeking through the blinds.

"Would you like your mother to stay?" Doctor Russo asked me.

"How bad is the news?" I asked and was mentally preparing myself 👷

"You might want your mother in the room if I might suggest".

"Ok mom stay".

"Ready?" He asked and I closed my eyes and gave myself a long breathe and exhaled.

"Yes" I said and sat up strong. I. Was. Ready. Maybe.

"Talia we have are diagnosing you with not just Neurblasoma but Leukemia to, but we have also discovered a implant that could increase your chances of..." Wait what increases of what!!?!! I ignored the last part.

"Please repeat the last part?" I asked impatiently.

"Could increase your chances of living. Yes, you may die if you don't try the implant".

"I have a question" I said loudly because honestly my heart was pounded so hard it was hard to hear.


"If i don't want to try or do the implant, how long will I have to live".

"12 months so a year" he said and I sighed.

"I don't want it".

"What!!!??" Taylor burst in the room.

"Taylor out!! The doctor tried to shoo her but she wouldn't budge until some nurses had to come escort her out. I started to cry with all this pressure. My mom tried to calm me but honestly I was done with surjeries.

"Talia at least try".

"No mom I am going to die eventually so what's the point?.."

"Talia!!" She Said

"Now Talia this does offer..." I cut him off.

"I don't want it, I am sorry" I said with tears streaming down my face but I ran in the direction on the bathroom and locked it behind me.

About 10 minutes later I heard a knock.

"Go away!" I said and really didn't care If it was a patient or visitor.

"Talia it's Taylor please let me in" and I let her in but locked it after.

"Let me clean you up" she sat me on the toilet seat and cleaned up my makeup from yesterday.

"Now you look like my beautiful little sister" she said and smiled a bit and kissed my nose.

"I don't want the surgery" I said and she looked like she was going to slap me but she didn't.

"Talia it will maybe save your life" she said trying to encourage me.

"Taylor look I know but I just don't want it" and she nodded and understood.

"Good news?" She said

"What? Try me".

"You know that justin Beiber hunk that you like?..." She said.

"Yeah?" I asked.

"While I was escorted away I watched the news and he may be coming to this hospital to see YOU". She said and I screeched and hugged her. The news of dying leaving my head. For now.

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