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13 year old Talia Joy Castellano has Neurblasoma and Leukemia. And she loves Justin Beiber and wants to meet him. What happens when that wish comes true? And when he comes he meets her sister 17 year old Taylor. What happens when they fall for each other? Justin asks if she has cancer? She lies and denies it the truth is she has a cancer called Osteosarcoma. Will Justin find out that Taylor is lying? What will Talia think? And will either of these girls survive?


1. chapter 1

Taylor's POV

"Moomm!!!" screamed my little sister Talia as she slept. I ran in and shook her awake.

"What's wrong!?" I asked her and put her head on my lap.

"I had a bad dream" she said and I laid next to her. As I stroked her face trying to calm her I realized she forgot to take her make up off. I sighed and I wrapped my arms around her frail body and listened to her breathing.


"Yes Talia?..." I replied with my motherly tone.

"I love you" she said and hugged me tight.

"Even more than Justin Beiber?"

"Maybe not" she said and looked up at me and we both laughed. After that she fell asleep in my arms.

The next morning my mother shook me awake.

"Taylor what are you doing?"

"Another nightmare" I said and carefully unwound my arms so I wouldn't wake her up. My mom took my hand and we silently (like ninjas) crept out of her room and headed to the food court for breakfast.

"I talked to doctor Russo yesterday and he says that sense Talia now has been diagnosed with Leukemia and Neurblasoma that she can have that implant which can increase of helping her live, but it's her choice". I groaned and Talia has been through so much surgery even more than me with my Osteosarcoma. Osteosarcoma is hard to explain but it's basically where you it has to do with your growth and it can lead to cutting of one your limbs but if it gets into your lungs your dead. Talia's cancer is worse than mine but the doctors still worry about me.

"Mom don't you think Talia has had enough of these surgerys?" I asked her and nibbled the sides of my muffin

"Probably sweetie but if Talia wants to leave. She is 13 which your dad and i gave you the freedom of decision and now is the same with her".

"But what if she doesn't want the treatment done?" I asked and suddenly thoughts went through my mind

"We will have to talk her Into it honey" she said and stroked my face from across the table. I finished my muffin but felt sick after. My mom and I headed back to Talia's room.

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