"Hes Not That Bad"

Waddup My name is Meghan and im 18. My mother is Nicki Minaj and My Father is Lil wayne. but i go to a normal school sadly. my bestie miley lives with me and were attending a normal school for our senior year. when i meet a cool girl Ariana and she tells me about this boy named Justin. she tells me all bad things but i still want to know him for some damn reason. Is he really that bad? read and find out


1. New school

 Meghans POV.


my alarm clock went off. "shit" i said.

i got up and went into mileys room to wake her up.

"get up slut we have school!!"  i said yelling.

"school? fuck that. im not going today" she mumbled.

"yes the hell you are! now get up" i said laughing

"ugh fine" she said. i went in my room to get in my shower. i washed my body with my bath and body works body wash. i got out and moisturized my body. it was still hot as hell in cali, so i wore some high waisted cheetah print shorts and a black bustier top. i put on some cheetah print flip flops. i wet my long navy blue hair and it turned wavy. i did my make up and put on eyeliner (my eyes are teal by the way.) and i put mascara on my long ass eyelashes.

i went to check on miley and she was wearing a black leather skater skirt and a red cropped shirt that exposed her chest a little. '' you look cute!'' i said.  ''thanks but nothing compared to your outfit'' she said laughing.

''we should leave before were late'' 

''kk lets go'' i said. i didnt bother waking my mom and dad up becuase they were still sleep so whatever. we got into my black camaro and sped down the street. im not gonna lie imma wild driver. but i know how to control my car.

"wait!!'' miley said. i stopped on the brakes. ''starbucks stop? pleeeeeassssse!'' she said hugging my arm.

''kk but i dont wanna go in'' i said. ''yayy!! okay so what do you want ? ''i want a caramel machiatto'' i pulled up to starbucks and let miley out. i went to park and i just sat there until she finally came with the drinks and we left.  Now we have to be at this hellhole. whoo! cant wait! (sarcasm).


** this is my first movella and im so sorry if it horrible but i tried because i got bored haha.

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