"Hes Not That Bad"

Waddup My name is Meghan and im 18. My mother is Nicki Minaj and My Father is Lil wayne. but i go to a normal school sadly. my bestie miley lives with me and were attending a normal school for our senior year. when i meet a cool girl Ariana and she tells me about this boy named Justin. she tells me all bad things but i still want to know him for some damn reason. Is he really that bad? read and find out


3. Damn!

 **Justins POV**

Me,khalil, and ryan were all hanging out in the parking lot until school started.  i saw these 2 girls get out of a camaro. they had to be new here becuase i have never seen them before. both of them were hot but the one with the cheetah print shorts on was on fire!

''damn look at them over there'' i said to the boys. they all looked.

''i call dibs on the girls in the shorts'' ryan said.

"nah bro shes mine" i said. they all looked at me like i was crazy because im not the type of guy to have girlfriends i just want a good fuck and im good. so yeah you can call me a player but i could give 2 shits.i couldnt help but look at her ass. its just perfect. i just want her right now. damn!

what? shes hot. I hope im in all of her classes ;)

we''ll just have to see.


**sorry if its horrible*

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