"Hes Not That Bad"

Waddup My name is Meghan and im 18. My mother is Nicki Minaj and My Father is Lil wayne. but i go to a normal school sadly. my bestie miley lives with me and were attending a normal school for our senior year. when i meet a cool girl Ariana and she tells me about this boy named Justin. she tells me all bad things but i still want to know him for some damn reason. Is he really that bad? read and find out


4. ''babe"

**Meghans POV**

miley and i got to class right before the bell rung. tbh i could reall care less about school. teachers always called my mom about me being 'disrespectful'. stupid shit like that.

i sat down and miley sat next to me. there was still a seat next to me open. i was hoping no one would sit there. just as i said that that same boy walked i saw in the parking lot walked in. and he had to sit next to me. FML! 

but i couldnt deny it, when he sat down i got a scent of his that smelled sooo good. he looked at me and smiled. i smiled back because i want to be nice. for now i guess. then he spoke to me. 

"mind if i know your name babe?" he said smirking. then after he said that, i knew exactly what kind of guy he was. he was a damn player.

"yeah i do mind" i said smiling. "oooo somebodys fiesty yeah? its okay i think its hot" he said and whispering the last part in my ear. it gave me goosebumps when i felt his minty breath hit my neck. 

i looked to see where miley was and that bitch left me!! she was flirting with this guy. so im stuck.

"so are you really not going to tell me your name babe?" he said. "dont call me that"."well thats your name untili get your real name" he smirked. i swear i could just smack that smirk right off his face. "its meghan" i said annoyed. "pretty name for a beautiful girl" he winked. i smiled a little. "this is gonna be a looooong year" i muttered

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