"Hes Not That Bad"

Waddup My name is Meghan and im 18. My mother is Nicki Minaj and My Father is Lil wayne. but i go to a normal school sadly. my bestie miley lives with me and were attending a normal school for our senior year. when i meet a cool girl Ariana and she tells me about this boy named Justin. she tells me all bad things but i still want to know him for some damn reason. Is he really that bad? read and find out


2. Arrival

 **Meaghan POV**

as we arrived at the school, boys already started to stare. we heard comments from this group of boys but i ignored them. until i looked and saw this one boy. he had caramel eyes with his hair all gelled up. he was hot!! 

NO stop it! Meghan! your not going to fall for these boys here!

After a hard breakup with some of my exes because all they did was use me.i never really wanted to trust boys anymore. miley and i walked in the school and went to the office to get our schedules. i was praying to god that i had all my classes with her. we walked in and the old lady smiled. 

''what can i help you with'' she said.''hi were new here, and we came to get our schedules''. i said

''names please?'' ''meghan maraj and miley cyrus'' i said. she gave us looks like 'are you sure about this school'.

we got our schedules and then we looked at each other and screamed.

''we have all the same claaases'' i sanged. and then i thought this might not be a bad year after all. we went to our locker and started the day.

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