Autumn Leaves

Niall James Horan a typical teenager right? Well you'd be wrong you see Niall's always been awkward that is until a new kid comes to school.
Louis William Tomlinson a boring flaky new kid right? To some that's all he'll ever be until he meets Niall. What will happen when these two teens meet will all hell brake lose or will sparks fly?
Oh one other thing this is boy x boy so ya don't like don't read that simple and it's nouis! So yay yay yay yay yay yay yay!


2. Chapter two :)

(Louis's POV)

I walked into the school and headed to the office for my schedule. The bell had just rung so fellow students running to their class. A blonde male passed me and I had just barely glimpsed his face. Damn he was good looking. And blonde to. Nice plus. I'll have to get his name and number one day soon.

I traveled to the office with the help of a few, very, friendly girls. They were pretty but the unknown blonde wouldn't get out of my sassy head.

In the office, the secretary gave me my classes and called for a girl named Audrey. She was good looking but there was an air of ignorance about her, as if she thought she was better than everybody. Pfft.

"Hello. I'm Audrey. I will be your guide for today. If you will follow me?"

I nodded and said goodbye to the secretary. We went to my first class in silence. Once we were there, I saw the girl's true colors. She stopped me from going into the the classroom.

"You know, Louis. I'm available for any.... Tutoring. If you need it."

I nodded and stepped away from her. 'Definitely the stereotypical slut/cheerleader.' I thought while walking into the class. I quickly scanned the room for places to sit and came upon the blonde from earlier. Though any seats next to him were taken.

"You must be the new student, Louis Tomlinson," said the teacher.

I nodded in return.

"Okay. There is an open seat by that emo kid over there, Josh Devine."

I rolled my eyes. 'Wow. Such respect for the students.' I took my seat and pulled out my books.

"Hello, I'm Louis." I held out my hand with a smile.

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