Autumn Leaves

Niall James Horan a typical teenager right? Well you'd be wrong you see Niall's always been awkward that is until a new kid comes to school.
Louis William Tomlinson a boring flaky new kid right? To some that's all he'll ever be until he meets Niall. What will happen when these two teens meet will all hell brake lose or will sparks fly?
Oh one other thing this is boy x boy so ya don't like don't read that simple and it's nouis! So yay yay yay yay yay yay yay!


1. Chapter one :D

(Niall's POV)

A new school year of being mocked for being an awkward loser oh joy! Because it's so great getting made fun of by all the mean popular people and being avoided like the plague.

"Hey loser!" I heard Audrey the famous school slut not to mention lead cheerleader call. Please not be talking to me. I thought I don't need my year 11 starting out like this.

"I'm fucking talking to you, you little shit!" She said while pushing me to the ground outside of the school completely causing me to drop all my books and sketches. Oh ya I'm also a major nerd and gay plus I draw so not really going to get popular anytime soon am I? "Aww is the little baby going to cry?" She said her high pitched squeal of a voice pounding inside my head. Ignoring her I start to collect my sketches and book which fell into a puddle completely ruining my drawings Which I worked quite a while on just to make sure they were perfect. Just as I start walking I feel myself fall once again not helping to my current state. I got back up and walked into the school,properly this time,to find my only two friends Victoria and Shantell. The only people who actually didn't care what other people thought about them hanging out with a gay boy which I was super happy about!

"Hey Niall!" They both said at the same time it was actually really creepy sometimes I wonder if they were somehow related but that was sent out of my mind when I heard both of them gasp as I set my stuff down I knew they saw my drawings.

"Audrey?" Victoria asked me I just nodded trying to find my schedule in my messy backpack so I could compare with Victoria and Shantell.

"I don't fucking understand that slut sometimes!" Shantell growled "isn't her brother gay?!?! And she still bullies you Niall! Why haven't you reported her already anyway?" She questioned. It was actually a really good question I mean I have evidence that she bullies me all around.

I just shrugged " both of you hand me your schedules I want to see something" I said to both of them. They nodded complying and handed them to me. "Victoria how come you have enriched classes?" I asked upset well, in all fairness, she said she wouldn't.

"Because Niall," she said "it's the only way to not be around sluts and jocks while getting a better grade." She said. I just rolled my eyes she was always way nerdier than me and Shantell well in a way I'm the music nerd, Shantell's the art nerd, and Victoria's the bookworm. We all fit like peas in a pod.

"Well Niall I'll see you in English the principal wants me to show a new kid around and I'm the only other person other than Victoria who's not to much of an ass to show him around." She told me.

"Wait so it's a guy like me?" I asked her. She just nodded

"Yep. Oh that reminds me Ni do you have the choir shirt designs done?" She asked me.

"How the fuck does the new kid remind you that?" I said utterly confused by her thinking process.

She shrugged "I don't know Nialler it's me. Later guys." She said waving.

"Well want to go to our advisory now Victoria?" I asked.

"Ya let's go" she told me.

A/N: hey guys! Who actually found this story and deemed it interesting please tell me what you think oh and I could use some co-authors 2 to be exact so if your interested email me @: alright thanks

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