Another world

Charlotte just found out that she's pregnant with her boyfriend of 2 years, Niall. What she doesn't know is that one of the other boys are in love with her. Her past isn't exactly the best either. Will it sneak up behind her? Will she still chose Niall? What will happen to her baby? Can she even trust herself anymore?


2. The boys

Niall's POV

It has been a few days since I found out that I was going to be a dad. Charlotte an I had gone to the doctors to confirm that it was happening. That she was pregnant. I still feels weird say that word...pregnant... It felt so unrealistic I mean I know that we were having unprotected sex big I mean you don't really expect this to happen. Anyways, I was going to tell the boys later this after noon by getting there early and recording "Ready to be uncles" and playing it when they walked I'm. I mean I felt like being a little creative because Charlotte had told me in a creative way

*Later that day*

The boys POV

We walked in the recoding studio only to be surprised by a recording that sounded like Niall. It said "Hey mates, I know this is really weird and cheesy but I mean this is cooler than saying it in person. So um here it goes, well I mean it's more a question than anything bit yeah sorry I'm now rambling gosh I'm so nervous..." We hear Charlotte's voice come on and say "Same old Niall can't finish what he starts..anyways boys? Are you ready to be uncles?"..and just as tej recording finished the both walked in the baby balloons that said "Congrats uncle"! It took us a few moments to realtor what was going in bit when we did we all group hugged them. But you see we were all thinking this. I mean apart from Charlotte and Niall. We we're thinking "..but why him, I love you more and could be a much better father than he ever could.."

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