Another world

Charlotte just found out that she's pregnant with her boyfriend of 2 years, Niall. What she doesn't know is that one of the other boys are in love with her. Her past isn't exactly the best either. Will it sneak up behind her? Will she still chose Niall? What will happen to her baby? Can she even trust herself anymore?


1. The answer

Charlotte's POV:

It was the moment of truth. I didn't know what to expect. I was scared and nervous and exited all at the same time. This one answer could completely change my life. It has been 5 minutes. I check the test. Two lines. I was pregnant. I WAS PREGNANT! I couldn't wait to tell Niall. I took out my red lipstick and wrote "Hi daddy" on my tummy and just as I finished Niall came walking through the door so I pulled down my shirt and his the test.

Niall's POV:

I was on my way home from work and I couldn't wait to see Charlotte. I loved her so much and I just couldn't wait to see her after a long day of work. As I walked through the door I realized that she wasn't in the living room so I went to our room only to find her sitting on a chair reading a book. I walked over to her and kneeled by her. "Interesting book?" I asked. "Not really" she replied. "Wait here" she said as she walked out of our room. I stood there puzzled for a few moments before she called me into the living room. As I walked in I realized that her shirt was lifted and she has written something on her toned tummy. It read "Hi daddy". I look at her confused for a moment them realized what that meant. I WAS GOING TO BE A FATHER! I picked her up and spun her around a few times and kissed her. We were going to be parents. I couldn't wait to tell the boys about this.

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