Another world

Charlotte just found out that she's pregnant with her boyfriend of 2 years, Niall. What she doesn't know is that one of the other boys are in love with her. Her past isn't exactly the best either. Will it sneak up behind her? Will she still chose Niall? What will happen to her baby? Can she even trust herself anymore?


3. before

Chalotte's POV

So I know you don't know much about me but here's my story. Same as most girls I mean other than the fact that I have no friends, no family, no one, well other than the boys. I lost everything at a young age and even Niall doesn't know what happened because I honestly can't even have the slightest thought of it without crying. Anyways, um, I have blue eyes, blonde hair, I know right? Typical Barbie? I wish. No nothing like.a Barbie. I'm different I suffer a lot from acne as young girl and still get major breakouts sometimes. I mean it's my genes but it seriously sucks so I got bullied for that. That's as far as I'm going into that. Other than that I'm social awkward, weird, I love Disney more than I like people, Mario cart is my life and I mean all I do is eat so kinda a girl version of Niall but different. So you could say we're the perfect match right? Wrong. I don't tell him or anyone this mad I don't plan on it but I honestly think he's way too good for me. I'm an ugly loser and the "Hot and sexy" Niall Horan from the famous band One Direction. How did we happen? It was before the X factor. We had been dating for a few months then he left for the X factor and I never heard another word till about 2 years ago and we've been together for about a year and a half now now. I know what your thinking "why didn't you guys get back together when you reconnected again" because well a) this is real life and that doesn't happen and b) because I made him prove to me that he wasn't some washed to popstar and that he was still the same old him. Which he was and still is.

I just wish that we didn't have to go on tour all the time and that the papa would just leave him alone. Even till this day they still ask if we're together. They always say a bunch of nasty things about me so I'm honestly scared of was they're going to say when they find out about the baby. But right now I can't focus on that. I need to focus on keeping the baby healthy.

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