Welcome to My Life (16+) (an intro to Could it Be)

Recommend : 14/15 and up
Anna bell introduces you to her life and her problems as she deals with the mean girls . Her life was perfect, until a stupid mistake ruins it. She loses her friends . She loses everything except her ex, Mathew .



1. Welcome to My Life

   He grabs my hand and smirks at me, gently setting me down on the soft grass. I laugh and pull him closer. He pulls my hair teasingly and-


I wake with a start. It was just a dream.

"Gosh Anna Bell I didn't mean to scare you, "

I look up to see my mom leaning against the door frame in her pajamas.

" It's already 8, you're gonna be late. "

  Oh crap, I thought. My bus comes at 8:10

I jump out of bed and run to my bathroom.I quickly ran the brush through my hair about once. I throw on a little makeup and pull on jeans and my Luke Bryan t-shirt. I had gone to his concert once and almost gotten drunk... Long story.

   I stumble out of the bathroom and on the first stair, I trip. I went tumbling down the stairs. I was too startled to scream. I finally landed at the bottom with a big THUMP.

"Honey your gonna break something" My step dad says as he gets up to set his plate on the counter.

"Sorry I gotta meet Maggie at her house " I say as I grab my back pack and red holister jacket. Maggie has been my best friend since 5th grade, and we knew everything about eachother. Literally.

My mom pushes my purple coffee Togo cup that warms my fingers instantly.

"Oh my gosh you're the best " I say as I give her an air kiss and run out the door.


"Could you be any later " Maggie says as I climb over the railing of her porch (using the stairs is over rated )

" Sorry! I was running late. Calm your self "

"Clearly! I mean look at your hair . Brush ? "

"Wow your in a bad mood today aren't you " I say as i wrinkle my nose and hand her the brush from my back pack.

"Sit down and shut up ! " she says as she pushes me to the ground.

" Damn Maggie , your mom says I'm the bad influence. Have you seen your self? "

I see Maggie roll her eyes as she brushes through my hair and ties it up in a side pony tail .I take a sip of the warm coffee In my cup as I stand up, grabbing my backpack and slinging in over my shoulder.

"Can it get any colder ? " Maggie ask as she takes my cup out of my hand and takes a sip.

" Um actually Sunday it's suppose to be 30 degrees " Maggie thinks 40 degrees is freezing because she went to Florida for the whole summer and now she's back in Georgia which she thinks is practically Antarctica.

She winkles her nose as she hands me the cup back " Bleh, you could have told me it's coffee ! "

" Yay! I found something you won't take from me ! " I say

"Whatever, I still get your brownie. ready to go? "

"Yep "I say as I put my cup on the side of my back pack and push my self over the railing.

"Why can't I have a normal best friend for once " Maggie says as she walks down the steps.

I laugh as we start walking to the stop sign where the bus picks us up, but I freeze in my tracks

"Oh my , Maggie look it's white trash Barbie and Mathew " I say. Mathew was my crappy ex, who had gone for the biggest whore in school, Paige.

Maggie walks to my side "Anna just ignore them " she says as she pulls me forward. Maggie was the bravest person to bullies ever, and she always had my back.

"Hey look its slut one and slut two " Paige  says as me and Maggie approach.

"Hey look Paige there's a pole ,your best friend " I say as I shoot her a evil look

"Ah shit, chick fight " Mathew says.

"Shut up you pussy, " says Maggie to Mathew.

I roll my eyes and turn toward the street where the bus is coming up and comes to a screeching hault.


On the bus

"Have I mentioned how much I hate her like holy shit how much bitch can be in one girl " I mumble to Maggie as the bus goes over a bump . Maggie rolls her eyes

" she need Jesus " she says in her fake ghetto voice

I laugh than feel my iPhone buzz and pull it out of my pocket

Mathew -_- ~hey meet me by the water fountain ;)

Me ~ why ?

Mathew ~ because I want to talk

Me ~in your dreams -_-

Mathew ~ come on please ..

Me ~ uuugghhh fine

Mathew ~ thanks :)

Me~ whatever

I turn around to see Mathew smirking at me.I think my heart stopped. I never really stopped liking him, even though I'd never admit it.

"Maggie read this " I say handing her my phone

"This doesn't seem right. I wouldn't go, but it's your choice. " she says handing it back

"Yeah , but I'm gonna go. Cover for me please ? " I say, giving her my best puppy dog eyes.

"Okay I will "

~right then the bus pulls up to Richwood High ~


See you don't really have a vision of what everyone looks like here you go

Anna - medium hight long wavy hair brownish greenish eyes , skinny , tan ,with freckles ,a cheerleader

Maggie - a little taller than anna , long curly dirty blonde hair , blue or green eyes (they change ) skinny , pale , little bit of freckles cheerleader

Paige - taller than Maggie long straight hair blue eyes in between skinny and bigger and as tan as Anna

Mathew - taller than all P,M,A with perfect blue eyes , tan ,basketball player brown hair

Ryder (he's coming ) ~ tall just like Mathew , green eyes , strong , brown hair that's kind of swoops ,, basketball player

Gracie (she's coming ) ~ blonde straight hair , blue eyes skinny and pale with freckles -cheerleader - Maggie's hight

Emily (she's coming ) ~ straight brown hair with blue eyes very tan . -Anna's hight -face is perfection -cheerleader-

Raven (she's coming ) ~ brownish reddish hair with brown eyes short like Anna has a clear face -cheerleader -

I think that's everyone please tell me whatcha think :D






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