Welcome to My Life (16+) (an intro to Could it Be)

Recommend : 14/15 and up
Anna bell introduces you to her life and her problems as she deals with the mean girls . Her life was perfect, until a stupid mistake ruins it. She loses her friends . She loses everything except her ex, Mathew .



7. weeks after

~a month after the whole thing . Ryder and Anna are still together . Mathew is still trying to get Anna back . Paige was not fined for vandalism she was on the other hand suspended for another month at school . It's the week of Halloween ~

I pick up my phone because I got a text from Ryder

Ryder <3 ~ hey sweetheart party tomorrow . You in ?

Me ~ of course ! :D <3

Ryder <3 ~ good . I'll talk to you Tomorrow at school goodnight sweetheart

Me ~goodnight bae :)

I realise I totally don't have a costume. I search through my closet to find something sexy but not so much skin . Ah ha! I pull out my tight fitting red dress with slits down the side. I find my black converse than my tiara and staff . I'm the red queen but the cute version . I text Maggie to see if she still has the white version of my dress she does so I tell her to be the white queen . I hope Ryder will be okay with taking her too .

A couple weeks ago Ryder got a red mustang from his dad for no reason . Now he wants to take me everywhere which I'm fine with .

My mom walks in "Anna ... Are you going to a party ? " she says running her hand over my dress

"Um yeah Ryder's taking me and Maggie " I say folding my dress and putting it on my dresser

"That dress is a little slutty don't you think " she says giving me a questioning look.

"Um no... It looks fine "

She puts her hand on my shoulder "honey you need to cover up a little bit . I understand your almost 16 and you wanna so things ..."

I cut her off right than and there "mom . Stop me and him aren't doing that . " why are we talking about this right now.

"Okay , honey just remember you don't need to get pregnant you have a collage pass because of cheer . You don't need to ruin that . "

I sigh "again mom were not doing that "

"Okay honey " she says sarcastically than kissing my head "get some sleep " she says, then leaves.

I sigh and put my new Ryder's sweatshirt on (because the other lost its smell ) and climb into bed within minuets I fall into a deep sleep.

~the next day in gym ~

All my friends and I are standing around .

" so are you going to the woods party tonight ? " Emily ask looking at her nails

"Um , I'm going to a party with Maggie and Ryder " almost instantly I feel Ryder brush beside me

"I heard my name . "

"Oh hey babe , we were just talking about the party "

"Yeah are y'all going to the woods party ? " Gracie asks.

"Yes , we are . " he says putting his arms on me.

"Oh yeah babe can we bring Maggie too she doesn't wanna stay home " I say with my puppy face.

"Yes we can " he says squeezing my face between his hands.

I hear one of his friends call him he turns to walk away slapping my ass .

"Ryder ! " I say as he gives me his evil look and turns back to his friends who are all looking at me.

"Wow does he always do that ? " Raven says staring at his crowd of friends.

"No I think he was just trying to show off " I say kind of laughing.

"Have y'all .. " Gracie trys asking but I cut her off.

"Gracie seriously why does everyone ask me that , like my mom gave me some speech last night like seriously . I'm not gonna get pregnant !" I say a little to loud because Paige's army of sluts is near by. I felt bad for not telling any of them about that one night with Ryder, but how could I ?

"Sorry , I was just wondering . " she says sounding genuinely hurt.

I realize how mean I sounded when I said that .

"That sounded really bitchy I'm sorry honey " I say.

"No I understand how your feeling i would be annoyed too if people kept assuming that " she said, traces of hurt still in her voice.

Emily saves me and changes the subject "so I guess we're all going to the party tonight ? "

We all agree that we are then it's time to go get our stuff.

- that night -

Maggie slips on her tight white dress while I slip on mine.

"Should I straighten or curl my hair" I ask looking in the mirror.

"Curl , but can I do it " she says.

I sit on my chair while she sits behind me on the stool and plugs in the curling iron .

"Maggie , what are people saying about me ? " I say as I rub lotion on my legs.

"What do you mean ? "

"I know people are talking about me what are they saying "

She sighs "they say that Ryder took your virginty and that your pregnant "

I can't help but let my mouth drop.

"Who's saying that !? "

"Oh you know the slut team "

I sigh. "of course " I grab my black eyeliner and put my very bright red lip stick on while Maggie begins to curl my hair .

"Mathews suppose to be there you know " she says as she almost burns her finger

"Oh great , what about Paige ? "

"Everyone's most likely gonna be there "

"So this is my chance to prove people wrong about me ? "

"Yeah I guess "

"Something wrong boo?" I say as I notice her eyes not bright and happy

"Kind of "

I turn around to look her in the eyes "what is it?"

"I just , I love seeing you so happy but i just feel alone "

I move her dirty blonde curl behind her shoulder.

"Honey your beauteous . Any guy who doesn't wanna date you is mentally stupid . Okay don't bring your self down . Smile have fun . Tonight's gonna be perfection " I see her smile, a sad kind of smile. Her dad had died when she was about 4, old enough to understand that her dad was dead, but young enough not to be scarred for life.

"Thanks best friend " she says slinging her arms around me "now time for finishing touches" she says she stands up.

~~~~~~~20 mins ~~~~

I hear the doorbell me and Maggie grab are shoes and phone and start running down the stairs grabbing our crowns and staffs off the table .

"Hey sweetheart " Ryder says as he hugs me.

"Hey babe " I say.

"Ready to go ? "

"Yeah, mom what time is curfew ? "

"Anytime , have fun , but not to much fun " she says as she winks at me . Yep I'm officially embarrassed.

~ we get in the car me in shot gun and Maggie in the back ~

"You look fantastic babe " Ryder says as he starts the engine and kisses my cheek .

I see Maggie out of the corner of my eye pretending to die .

"Maggie I can see you " I say turning around completely.

"No you can't I'm invisible " she says putting her hands over her face.

"I've came to the conclusion your mentally ill " i hear Ryder laugh as I say that.

- when we get there -

Ryder opens my car door and attempts to lock Maggie in .

" I hate y'all " I hear her mumble as she walks by us.

I pull my dress up a little more from where it was, making it shorter . I grab Maggie by the arm and we start walking down the path in the woods to the party . The trail was long, but you could feel the beat reverberating in the ground the entire way, and smell the huge bonfire and see the lights through the trees.

When we get there the musics loud everyones dancing , right then Ryder pulls my hand and i pull Maggie's and were out on the middle of the crowd . I began to dance with Maggie and we do are stupid dance we do .Than Ryder pulls me back against him . I move my body how I think your suppose to do it Ryder moves his hands to my hips . I think I saw Maggie at the food table, where she was most likely to be. Maggie LOVED food. She was insanely skinny, but she claims she has 'high metabolism' lucky her.

This goes on for about 15 minutes then i ask Ryder to bring me and Maggie something to drink. he turns to leave than i feel another set of hands grab me . I turn and see its Paige pulling me out of the crowd. Maggie had disappeared from sight.  I try screaming but no ones listening or watching . I try getting away but she now has another person holding my hands together . I try to get away- its impossible . We finally get in the woods when Paige pushes me against the tree.

"Does that feel familiar ? " Paige asked, a devilish smirk across her ugly face.

It does the time she threw me against a locker in 7th grade.

"What? have nothing to say cheer bitch " she says sinking her nails into my skin, but how could nails feel so deep? I was still pushed up against a tree, bark digging into my back and her nails digging deeper into my flesh. I feel her tear skin, then a warm sensation dripping off my arm.

"Help ! " I scream as loud as I could manage. The pain of her nails sinking deeper into my skin was terrifying. That was it. She was insane, and she was actually going to kill me.

"No ones gonna help you cheer bitch ! " someone says from behind me. It sounded strangely familiar...

I try to embed my nails into her arm but mine are to dull . I knee her in the stomach making her back away but as I go to push her I get pinned again .

"Anna ! " I hear someone scream

"Help me please ! " I cry, trying to figure out where the voice came from. I hear rustling through the leaves than I see him .

"Mathew ! " I scream as he comes into view.

He pushes Paige away than practically picks me up and carrys me to the end of the path where the cars are parked .

"Are .. You .. Okay ? " he says out of breath.

I feel tears starting to surface .I look down at my arms and see blood pulsing out of them my vision gets blurry than im out .


I wake up I can feel bandages around my arms and ice on my head and I can't remember a thing. I move my body slightly .

"Anna are you okay ? " I hear someone say when I turn over I see Mathew . I'm in Mathews bed right now . Oh great.

"What happened ? " I ask touching the back of my head.

"Paige got a hold of you . She had a knife . Your arms . I tried . " I see tears start to fall from his eyes

"Mathew it's okay . " I say moving his hair out of his face

"No it's not if I wouldn't have gotten there when i did she could of hurt you more . I'm sorry Anna im so sorry " he says through the tears

This is the first time I've seen him cry and it's over me .

" Mathew . Kiss me . " it's not even I second before I feel his lips against mine and this time I can feel it- I feel what he feels for me . He moves back

"Anna , don't ever leave me .okay I can't live without you . I miss you . I love you . Just please . " I feel the tears surfacing and I start to actually cry I feel his arms come around me my minds over whelmed all i can think is Ryder .Mathew . This . What am I gonna do .


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