Welcome to My Life (16+) (an intro to Could it Be)

Recommend : 14/15 and up
Anna bell introduces you to her life and her problems as she deals with the mean girls . Her life was perfect, until a stupid mistake ruins it. She loses her friends . She loses everything except her ex, Mathew .



2. This can't be happening

I practically run to my locker to throw my stuff in and get my books out .

I fix my hair in the mirror than walk over to the water fountain, Maggie standing close behind . Mathew soon approaches with his hand in his pockets

"What do you want ? " I say quickly spitting it out.

"I just wanted to see if you wanted to hang out tonight ? " he says with that smile that completely melts me

" Um how about no. You were just hanging out with super slut now you wanna hang out tonight .. Hell no is my answer"

Before he can answer i feel something cold and wet rush onto my body. I turn and see that Paige just spilled water all over me. My vision goes red with anger.

"Oh sorry " she said with that evil grin. " It was an accident, I swear. "

I feel Maggie come to my side " Yeah sorry , NO FUCK YOU BARBIE BITCH ! " she screams.

I feel her try to push me forward but I'm frozen.

"Maybe she will think before she tries talking to my boyfriend again " Paige says as she presses her body against Mathews arm but he does something unexpected.

"Get the hell off me Paige " he says as he pushes her away.

"Uh whatever you'll regret this Mathew I swear " she says as she turns and walks to her army of sluts. Her face had been bright red with embarrassment. I know that Maggie is grinning to herself.

"Anna I swear I had nothing to do with this " Mathew says as he moves towards me.

"Of course you didn't " I say sarcastically pushing him out of my way.

"Anna wait " he tries grabbing my arm but I keep walking, leaving him behind me as Maggie follows me.



" I can't believe she did that " I say whipping the smeared eye liner from my face

"But Mathew did defend  you .. Or at least tried to. I really don't know about him. He seemed genuine. At least with pushing away Paige. " Maggie says as she re-does my hair

"He was probably just acting , lip stick ? "

"Um Anna I've seen how his acting is. I'm not so sure. Here " she says handing me her cheery cherry lip stick

"I don't know .."

"Whatever he has to like you- I just know , now we have to go or we will be late "

"Mag I'm sorry to tell you but were already late " I say pulling her out of the bathroom

___the school day goes by really fast than its gym my last class which Maggie isn't in __

I walk into the locker room and walk to my locker and get my gym clothes out .

"Hey Anna .. " Emily says as she rounds the corner

"Hey boo " I say turning and smiling

Raven then comes waltzing in " hey my boo thangs " she says slamming her bag to the ground

"Raven you're a loser " I say laughing and lacing up my cheer shoes.

"Gracey is here " I hear being screamed even before she makes it in the door.

" Can you be any louder !? "I say as she walks next to me " and where's my cheer bow hoe ? "

She laughs " Hey that rhymed" she says handing me my white worriers bow.

"Do we have cheer practice tomorrow night ? " Emily asks

"Um I think so ... what are we doing today ? "

Paige then walks in my locker area.

"Hey cheer bitches "

I roll my eyes and turn around to change to shorts and zone out.

"Anna bell!! Look out " I hear being yelled.

I turn around and before I can react Emily is pushed against a locker with Paige attempting to hit her

"Holy shit " I hear someone scream

I quickly begin to react I grab Paige's long blonde hair and pull her back. she turns around and I feel her hand hit my nose. Blood rushed out of it quickly, then I feel someone's arms pull me back. I turn around and look- oh shit it's the principal,  Dr. Linger .

"Girls break it up now ! "

I hear Emily's sobs behind me, but blood is rushing out my nose, and inside my ears.

"Paige , my office now ! "

"They started- " I hear her begin to say.

"Oh hell we did !? " I quickly react "I had to pull you off her before you actually hurt her! "

"Paige. My office . Now " I hear Dr.linger say again.

"Ugh , whatever " Paige says than disappears out the door.

"Are you girls okay ? "

Me and Emily nod in unison

"If you need any ice there's some in the nurses office. You might need to clean that up, Anna."

"Thank you " I say than he turns and leaves.

I turn for the first time seeing Emily with a red mark on the side of her face with her hair messed up she's still leaning where I last saw her .

"Are you okay ? " I ask embracing her in a hug.

"I think so ... I hope she gets suspended "

I laugh "don't we all ? "

"GIRLS ROLL CALL" I hear Coach Peters say

"Y'all ready " Gracey asks

They all nod. "I've gotta clean my face up... I'll be a bit." I quickly clean up my nose (which was not broken) and head out the door.

- gym class -

"Hey Anna " I hear someone say than feel Ryder put his arms around me .

"Ryder remove you arms before I remove them for you " I say quickly turning to look at him.

"Wow. you're a little mean today " he says removing his arms

" I wasn't until barbie bitch laid her hands on me" i say a little to loud.

" Ohh so that's what that racket was "

"Wow was it really that loud? " Emily says as she joins my side

"Yeah the whole gym heard , then we saw Paige storm out with Dr.linger following behind "

"Wow. Emily who do you think went and got him? "

"I think Raven because she left right as it started. "

"Oh , Ryder can I talk to you over there please " I say giving him my signature puppy dog face.

"Sure thing sweet heart "

" Ew don't call me that" I say scrunching my nose than turning to walk

"So what did you need to talk about " Ryder says as he grabs my arm ( he's a touchy person )

"Nothing, but can I please get a hug from you since you're like my best friend "

He doesn't respond, I just feel his strong arms push me against him as he squeezes me a little to hard .

"Ow Ryder your squashing me " I say laughing a bit

He releases a bit than he starts to whisper in my ear "Anna can I be honest with you ? "

I nod . " I really like you and I don't want anyone to lay a hand on you ..except me "

I pull back " Ryder I know you like me but I just don't need a boyfriend right now . Okay ? "That was a lie but I can't say that to him .

I hear him sigh "whatever . " than he releases me- a little too hard and turns and walks away .

Authors note : what do you think so far !? :D



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