Welcome to My Life (16+) (an intro to Could it Be)

Recommend : 14/15 and up
Anna bell introduces you to her life and her problems as she deals with the mean girls . Her life was perfect, until a stupid mistake ruins it. She loses her friends . She loses everything except her ex, Mathew .



10. the trip

I wake up in the middle of the night , because my mom shaking me .

"Honey wake up "

I sit up fast with my heart beating out of my chest.

"You were screaming in your sleep , do you know why ? " I shake my head.

"Are you okay ? " she ask running her hand over my head

"Yes " I lay back down .

"Okay goodnight " she presses her lips onto my forehead .

I fall back asleep .

-3 hours later -

It's happens again

- 3 hours later -

It happens again but a two different people come.

"Baby are you okay " I feel his hands run across me.

I wake up with a start.

Mathew and Maggie on are on ether side of my bed .

"Your mom says that was the third time you did that . Are you okay ? " Maggie ask putting her hand on my knee through the blanket .

"Tired " i look for the clock they have 10 minutes till they have to leave for school .

"I have to pee " Maggie says winking at Mathew than walking to my bathroom.

Instantly I feel Mathews lips with mine . I pull back and smile . " Thanks . "

Maggie comes out "come on we gotta get to school " she hugs me than grabs her bag from beside the door and walks out Mathew sneaks another kiss than stands up and walks to the door .

"I love you Anna "

"I love you too " he smiles than leaves .

The next few days go by fast . I'm so tired and it's Friday morning and I have to pack my things . I pack most of my sweat pants three sweatshirts a dress for the funeral and heels to go with it . I pack other essentials and push my suitcase down the stairs . I go back up the stairs to pack my purse I put extra money . A couple of books . I than search for my phone which is laying where I left it last Friday . 52 messages. I roll my eyes and shove it in my bag . I grab my lab top bag and go down stairs to put it with my suit case . Mathew and Maggie arrive soon with their parents . My mom starts giving us an embarrassing talk while my step dad loads the car of our bags . We get in the car hugging our siblings and parents . Me in the front seat with my mom than Maggie and Mathew in the back .

On the way to the airport . I hear them all laughing while i stare out the window . The ride was about 30 minutes than we arrive at the air port . My mom gives us our boarding passes than hugs us all but only gives me a kiss on the head . She whispers something to Maggie and Mathew that seemed serious but I'm to in the clouds to notice .

We board the plane without any problems ten minutes into the flight Maggie and Mathew our on ether side of me passed out I lean on Mathews shoulder and open a random book from my bag and begin to read . By the time I'm finished we have landed in the middle of no where in New Mexico .

We get in the taxi and it takes us to what seems to be a five star hotel . We make it to our room and I find my suitcase unzipping it and finding my gym shorts . I start taking of my pants in the middle of the room .

"Women hold your horses . We just got here . " Maggie says locking the room door

I ignore her and slid my gym shorts on than get in the bed closest to the window . I get underneath the covers and close my eyes . I feel someone get next to me but don't bother to look . I fall straight asleep .

"BOOM! " "BOOM" he's laying on the floor people running and screaming . I feel a rush of pain go through my arms like the knife going in me , but the face is different . Another person has a gun and points at me

"Ready to end up like your father ! "

"Baby it's just a dream it's just a dream " I feel someone running their hand down me I wake with a startle and I'm staring into Mathews eyes .

"I did it again didn't I ? " I say sitting up and looking around the room where Maggie is sitting up in the other bed with bed head .

"Yes " she says yawning .

"I'm .. I'm sorry .. " I say shaking a bit .

"It's okay .. But I'm going back to sleep " Maggie says laying back down and turning over .

"I'll just stay up " I say to Mathew who's still laying down who also has bed head .

"Do you want me to get you anything ? " he ask sitting up .

"My phone , laptop and some water . Please " it was probably asking for to much .

"Sure thing . Babe " he says standing up wearing only his boxers .

"Ever heard of clothes , babe " I ask kind of laughing .

"Yes but I wish I didn't have to wear them . Or you . " he says setting my laptop and phone beside me and kissing my neck.

I smile and get on my knees to pull him back into the bed . He gets under the covers and I smile and kiss him .

"Now you need to get some sleep . So I have someone to help me tomorrow . "

He smiles "what are we gonna do Sunday ? "

"I don't know , whatever we want " I say opening my laptop

"Damn I wish Maggie wasn't here " he says giving me a sexual look .

" I bet you do , now seriously get some sleep " He lays down and I open my laptop to check my emails . Nothing . So I decide might as well check my phone . A bunch of text messages from everyone including Paige . Ryder is the only one I wanted to click on

3 messages ~ Ryder

Anna are you okay ?

I'm really sorry I over reacted

Anna please are you still alive

~~~ I ignore him and set my phone down. I start playing some game on my computer until I eventually fall asleep ~~~

I see Mathew come out of no where I hug him tight .

"I love you "

"I love you too " I say

He touches my stomach where I have a baby bump "soon we will have a family " he smiles and kisses me than BOOM! Mathew falls to the ground blood covering his back I start panicking than another boom and this time I'm the one who falls to the ground .

I wake up screaming . This time Mathew comes running out of the bathroom with his toothbrush still in hand Maggie rushes over to me .

"It was you this time " I say through the tears already covering my face.

"Anna it wasn't real . " Maggie says I turn to her and her make ups already half done and she's wearing a pretty black dress .

" I know . I know " I put my hand to my heart that's beating out of my chest .

"Babe you need to get ready there's some toast and coffee over there if you want anything ."

"Um no thanks. " he smiles and turns to walk back to the bathroom I notice he's wearing black pants and a white collared shirt. He looks to handsome I think to my self . I get up and pull my black Lacey dress out of my bag removing my other clothes and putting it on . I than walk to the bathroom where Mathews fixing his hair with hair gel . I start brushing my teeth and try making funny faces in the mirror . He makes a really stupid face and I almost miss the sink spitting .

"That one was good " I say laughing .

"I know . I know " he says laughing as well .

We stay quite for a second.

"You look beautiful . " he says smiling and looking at my dress

"Thank you . You look handsome " I start fixing his collar he smiles at me .

"Is this how it's gonna be on our wedding day ? " he puts his hand on mine .

I look into his perfect blue eyes " what makes you so sure were gonna get married " I question .

He rubs the back of his neck . "It just seems like we should be " I smile but something sinks inside of me my daddy won't be the one walking me down the aisle . I look down and start to chip my finger nail polish .

"Anna I'm sorry did I say something ? " he ask putting his hand on my shoulder .

" No . That's not it . It's just I realized that my dad won't be the one walking me down the aisle " I feel a tear start coming to surface .

"It's okay babe . You still have you step dad . " he says hugging me

"You're right . I guess "

"You should probably go get the rest of the way dressed " he says tucking in his shirt and grabbing his belt .

I turn and walk out . I do my makeup I put my hair in a tight bun with a black bow . I put my closed toe black wedges on than grab my tiny black purse .

"Is everyone ready ? " Maggie asks, fully ready.

I nod and so does Mathew. we go down to the lobby and wait for the taxi . We arrive at the cemetery. I grab Mathews hand as we walk to the crowd of people that I could tell we're my family members . I give nods and smiles to the side of the family I remember I don't start conversation with anyone . I move to the front of the crowd to make sure I'm not missing anything . I tighten my grip on Mathew when I see the casket with an American flag draped over it . My heart sinks when I see the hole that they will be soon putting that in .

Someone walks up to in front of the casket and begins talking . One by one new people step up to speak about him they share memories I try to keep strong . Maggie and Mathew both have my hands now . The speeches are over . They start lowering the casket into the ground . Than it happens the soldiers that were lined up fire one last shot and I lose it . I fall to the ground screaming and crying .

"Daddy why did you have to go . Why !?? " I scream through the tears and Maggie and Mathew try keeping my calm but no one could stop me .

"Daddy I was to young . You never get to see my graduate or get married or get to be a grandfather ! " I'm now on the ground crying but not screaming anymore .

My other family members try to help me ,but it was no use . They let the dirt fall in the hole and I just sitting there still talking to my self and crying . Mathew kept his arms around me while Maggie tried to stay with no expression . We stay this way till about 30 mins after when I finally just pass out .

I wake up in the hotel room . Its about two o'clock in the afternoon . Maggie and Mathew are now dressed back in casual clothes . They were both eating subway and watching something on t.v . Mathew is the first to notice I was awake .

"Hey your awake " he sets down his half eaten sandwich and comes and sits next to me .

" Anna do you want some food ? " Maggie ask throwing her trash away . I nod because for once I was hungry .

"I'll be back " she than exits the room

"Are you okay ? " Mathew questions looking at me

I had to say it "no I'm not . This sucks my dad's dead . I have cuts on my arm from Paige . I can't sleep . I can't eat . I can't do anything without having trouble . I can't go anywhere without hearing bad things about me . I hate it I hate this I just don't know what to do anymore "

"I know baby . " he runs his hand down my arm .

"Mathew " he cocks his head to the side

"Make me happy "

He starts kissing me and removing our clothes . He moves his hands so gentle through out me .

"Your not gonna break me ! " I say pushing against him . He smile and pushes me down on the bed kissing me everywhere . Places that Ryder never did

"Mathew .. Oh my god ! " I say as he kisses me in a spot that I seem to like .

His hands run through my hair as he pushes himself into me . I put my hands on his back oh my god he was strong as hell . I make a really weird sound and quickly try to play it off but he noticed .

"Oh you liked that Anna bell ? " he says smirking

"Yes ! Now please keep going ! " I say practically shouting

"Maybe I wont .." He says putting his hands on ether side of my head balancing above me .

"Babe please!! " I sweetly say kissing him

He smiles and than keeps going . He has officially made me happy .

I lay beside him out of breath .

"I can't believe we just did that " I say putting my hands over my face

"Thank god I brought protection on this trip " he said out of breath as well

I laugh "we need to put clothes on before Maggie gets back " I say rolling out of bed and gathering my clothes and putting them on .

"I'm gonna go brush my hair I have sex hair ! " I say walking into the bathroom as Mathew starts putting back on his clothes


Maggie comes in seconds after Mathew and I sit down and turn on the t.v

"I brought you food " she puts a bag in my hands "have fun ?" She questions

I blush a bit and start pulling things out of the bag . She got me chicken fried rice and a fortune cookie .

"Man I love you " I say laughing

"I know " she than walks in-between Mathew and I "by the way here's a suggestion after sleeping with someone . YOU FIX THE BED ! " Mathew and I both start laughing I turn my head toward our bed and it was mess . How did we even accomplish that .

"Y'all are nasty I leave to go get food and y'all just blech ! " she pretends to barf

"Your just jealous Maggie " Mathew sticks his tongue out at her

We all laugh .

~ we sit there for a while longer while I eat every last bite of everything ~

"Anna why have you been eating so much " Mathew ask as I throw my trash away

"Um idk " that comments worrys me but I laugh to shake it off

"So what do y'all wanna do now " I stand up and stretch

"There's not much we can do were in the middle of no where " Mathew turns down the t.v

"Well I'm gonna go explore " Maggie starts slipping on her shoes

"Y'all are over your limit. So no "oh Mathew " she makes a moaning noise

I throw something nearby at her . "I don't sound like that . "

"Actually you do " Mathew gives me his evil grin

"I do not ! "

"Yeah you do . Stop lying " Mathew says putting his hand on my knee

"Keep saying that and you won't be getting any anymore " I snap playfully

"Shit just got real " Maggie says than walks out the door

We sit there a moment in silence .

"I wanna go on a walk now ! " I stand up and put my shoes on

"Okay . But just because you asked nicely " he says sarcastically . putting his shoes on

We start walking down the hallway .

"Lets play the question game " I say cheerfully

"Okay ask me a question . " Mathew says walking with his hands in his pockets

"Um .. Let me think " I stare at the floor as I walk thinking

"Come on girl lay it on me . "

I playfully hit him "shut up "

I think for a little longer "where do you want to live when you get older "

He thinks for a second "somewhere that's warm"

"I want to live in Los Angela , California " I add to his answer

He smiles . "How many kids do you want to have " I knew this answer without any thinking

"Two or four , I want them to be even .no middle child " he smiles

"How many do you want ? " I question turning a corner

"As many as my wife wants "

I smile he grabs my hand and we get in the elevator . "Pick a number between 1-10 "

"1 " I click the button "one it is "

The door opens and I walk out first . We walk towards the lobby where I spot some kind of buffet . I walk over and grab an apple .

"Favorite fruit ? " I question

"Apples " he grabs the apple out of my hand and takes a bite

"Asshole that was mine !!! " I turn around giving him a pouty face

"Not anymore " he takes another bite

"Hey guys " Maggie says walking in between us

"Maggie he stole my apple ! " I sounded like a little five year old

"Mathew that wasn't very nice "

"Ha I know " he takes another bite

"You suck ! "

He laughs . "Maggie did you find anything interesting ? "

"A pool . A lounge and a pretty cool garden " she hands over some papers that have things to do on them "and these "

I take them and scan over them .

"I'm going back up to our room . I'll see y'all up there " she turns and walks away while we were talking someone set out more apples I take one .

"Ha I got one ! " I say putting it in Mathews face

"Whatever " he says pulling me forward into a hallway we walk around for about thirty more minuets discovering a whole area full of restraunts which wasn't new for Mathew because that's where him and Maggie got their food . We walk back up to our room .

"Hey Maggie " I say walking in

She's planted in front of the t.v watching next top model while eating a bag of potato chips .

"Oh hey I was ... There was nothing on " she quickly scrambles to find the remote

"Mhm sure ... " I laugh

Mathew walks across the room and sits on the newly made bed . The maids must of came .

"Hey I'm gonna get in the shower " I get on my knees and grab my stuff making sure a shirt and pants where the only thing Mathew could see .

"Kay " they both say

~20 mins later ~

I walk out of the bathroom with my hair in a towel while wearing sweatpants and a tank top .

"Don't you just look fabulous ! " Maggie says gesturing to my hair

"Oh shut up , you need a shower flys are starting to swarm you" I laugh while she sticks her tongue out

She stands and grabs some clothes out of her bag and walks to the bathroom shutting and locking the door . I run and jump onto Mathew . He starts laughing .

"Your Violent ! " we lay there for a second

"We have time .. " he winks

"Ha no we don't "

"Damn it Maggie ruins everything ! " Mathew says

I move close and let my lips press against his he pulls me up and puts me against the headboard . He smiles and kisses me again . God I wish Maggie wasn't here I think to my self . We play around for a few minuets teasing each other . He pulls me close and kisses me one last time than we hear the water turn off and I quickly jump onto the floor .

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