Welcome to My Life (16+) (an intro to Could it Be)

Recommend : 14/15 and up
Anna bell introduces you to her life and her problems as she deals with the mean girls . Her life was perfect, until a stupid mistake ruins it. She loses her friends . She loses everything except her ex, Mathew .



5. the confession

"That movies not even scary " he says taking it out of the case.

"Um yes it is ! " I say crawling onto the couch and getting under neath the blankets . I snuggle my feet with his, so our legs were intertwined.

He puts it in the DVD player than climbs next to me . I lay my head on his chest . This feels so right I think to my self . His fingers inter lap with mine .

I feel my phone vibrate . I pick it up and it's Mathew calling. I debate whether or not to answer it, and decide why not .

"Hello ? "

"So I went over to your house to see if you were done with your so called family stuff and your mom says you were with Ryder . So explain you lying son of a bitch "

"Listen I didn't want to tell you . So It's none of your business where I am or who I'm with. there's nothing going between me and you. you left me now you expect me just to take you back um I think no " before I could hear his reply Ryder snatches the phone out of my hand

" listen just leave Anna alone , you know how many times I had to comfort her when you hurt her . Get it through your mind she doesn't like you . Okay bye " he than pulls the phone from his face and hangs up

"Thanks Ryder " I say moving closer to him, if that was possible.

"Your welcome sweetheart " I smile and turn to lay down Ryder does the same and wraps his arms around me "you're perfect " he whispers.

"Ryder "

Yes ? "

"I love you " he pulls me really close and presses his lips against mine. Finally...  I think. Staccato bursts of happiness and adrenalin pulse through me. I feel him smile that warm smile underneath my mouth. He playfully bit my bottom lip gently.  

"I've loved you longer " he purred, his hot breath sending shivers against my spine.

I smile and I realize I have to tell him . It wasn't fair to keep it from him.

"Ryder , Mathew kissed me.. " I finally spit out .

He quickly gets up "I'm gonna kill that son of a bitch "

I get up trying to stop him "Ryder it's okay . You don't need to do anything . "

"No I'm tired of him " he says with anger coursing through his voice. " I'm tired of him hurting you with his big fake smile and stupid lies. "

"Ryder , stop . " I say wrapping my arms around him.

I can tell he's debating with himself .

"Ryder . "

"What "

"Kiss me "

He grabs my waist and pulls me close and this time the kiss is better . I feel every place we touch . It's like sparks were flying . He moves his hands up my sides, his fingers trailing under my shirt and lifting it up over my head . I pull it back on a little, smirking. I look him in the eyes we stand this way for a while .

"We should probably actually watch the movie" he says smiling than sitting back down

I laugh and sit down next to him "yeah probably "

~20 mins later~

-intense music - the door swings open -

"Oh my gosh Ryder " I say gripping onto him tighter

-the girl goes in and can't get out-

"Holy shit Ryder " I say moving closer.

"Anna it's not scary" he says putting his arm around me.

I move closer and lay my head back on his chest. He's felt as if he was radiating heat .

"Ryder you're like some kind of werewolf, you are really hot "

"Did you just call me hot" he says giving me a weird look.

"I mean like cool and warm " I say blushing, I really didn't mean it like that.

"Mhm sure Anna bell " he says smugly.

"Ryder ! " I say playfully hitting his arm.

"Come on I know I'm hot " he says laughing.

"Aren't you just full of your self ! " I say laughing.

I get a chill "Ryder I'm cold ! " I say.

"Well that's to damn bad "

"Ryder please "

"Fine follow me " he says standing up.

I follow him to his room while I lean against the door way as he looks through his closet . I become bored and start looking at pictures on his dresser and than come across one of him and Paige ..

"Ryder what is this ? "

He walks over to me and takes the picture out of my hands

"Wow that was like 9th grade , last year "

I sigh I turn back around . Ryder hands me a sweat shirt that comes down to my knees

"God Ryder it smells like you " I say holding it close to my nose

"Is that good or bad ? " he ask as I put it over my head.

"Amazing " I say.

He steps towards me and places his hands on my waist.

"Your so perfect you know that right "

I smile "I am not stop lying "

"But I'm not lying "

"Yes you are " I say "nobody's perfect " i add.

"You don't count " he says.

"Whatever " I lean closer to him.

His eyes are brown like mine but yet there the most perfect thing on the earth .. I don't know how it stared but all I feel is Ryder swoop my legs up and push me against the wall.

"Ryder ! " I say almost screaming.

He begins to kiss me, his hands rubbing practically everywhere it's so amazing he than turns me around and throws me on his bed.

"Ow Ryder ! " I say as I hit my head on something on his bed.

"Sorry sweetheart " he says as he gets on top of me. He smirks and pulls the sweatshirt off of me, and tossed onto the floor. He then pulled my actual shirt off. I started to wish I had worn a more exciting bra. He began to suck at my neck and out his teeth and- was he giving me a hickey? It almost felt good. I sigh and pull him closer- if that was possible. He moves down kissing me and removes my cheer skirt . He kisses me again .

"Ryder I love you " I say

"I know "

He smiles pushes me up against the headboard . His mouth lingers by my chest and he starts to attempt to give me a hickey again . Maybe I was ready to break my virgin status.

"Go ahead " I say laughing

"Are you high , drunk , or ill. And do I have your consent? " he ask leaning back

"None of them ! And you do have my consent. Please Ryder " I pout to him.

He smiles than goes to undo my bra . When he does he doesn't sit back, he presses his body against mine which surprised me. was he still a Virgin I wonder . I move my hands down to his waist .

"Off now " I mumble in his ear.

He pulls his sweatpants off and pushes against me sucking near my neck . He puts his hands on my side and moves down kissing me in places that felt so strange . Than in one move he strips both of us completely nude . He then does things that are unspeakable of .

"Ryder ! " I moan/ cry.

"Sh ! You're gonna make my mom come up here "

"Well be more careful ! " I whisper pulling on his hair.

He rolls his eyes and continues whatever he was doing before I had to cover my mouth so I wouldn't make anymore sounds.


He lays my hand on my stomach .

"Ryder stop that tickles ! " I say swatting his hand off of my stomach.

Your ticklish ? " he asks smiling.

"Yes !! Stop !! " I say still laughing

"This just got interesting" he says as he pins me down and starts tickling me.

"Ryder !!!! " I say screaming "stop!!! "

He refuses to and than find the part behind my neck and puts his hand there.

"Oh my god Ryder I swear let go of me " I say laughing so hard I can Barely breathe.

"Okay, okay. Here," He said, handing me my clothes right as I slide my skirt and bra on . I hear footsteps and I quickly pull a blanket over me .

"Ryder what are you doing to that poor girl " I hear someone say

Me and him both look up- it was his mom .

"I was just tickling her " he says

"How do you go from watching a movie to "tickling" her in your bed " she ask with a little anger in her eyes.

" mom we weren't doing anything "

I butt in "yeah he was just tickling me like a little meany " I say giving him an over exaggerated mad look.

"Well Anna your mom called she wants you on your way home" she says turning and leaving.

I want till she's down the stairs to say something "Ryder see that's what happens when you tickle me "

He laughs and throws one of his near by t-shirts on while I throw mine on.

"Come on let's go get your stuff " he says walking out of his room

~we find my bow and I put my cheer shoes back on ~

"Ryder can I keep your sweatshirt please " I say.

"Sure thing sweet .."

"Heart " I say interrupting him.

He laughs " you always call me that " I say.

"I know "

"I love you " I say as I give him a quick kiss on the cheek than running down the stairs where his mom is waiting to take me home .

-when I get home I go change into gym shorts but keep Ryder's sweatshirt on .. I feel like this is right I think to my self before falling asleep -

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