Welcome to My Life (16+) (an intro to Could it Be)

Recommend : 14/15 and up
Anna bell introduces you to her life and her problems as she deals with the mean girls . Her life was perfect, until a stupid mistake ruins it. She loses her friends . She loses everything except her ex, Mathew .



4. Go worriers

I walk in the front door with my parents and siblings all sitting in the living room

"Hey honey , you didn't stay there long . Anything wrong ? " my mom ask as I pass to go to the stairs

"Um no I just was getting tired and remembered I had to take a shower so I decided to come home " I than walk up the stairs without an answer

I check my phone and see Ryder replied

Ryder :p : Yeah ... Is that okay :)

Me : yeah it's perfect :)

Ryder : what do you mean ?

Me : nothing , well gtg best friend . Bye :*

Ryder : why did you put that face ?

I start to reply but honestly don't know why I did I just felt like it was right .. I decided to text Maggie about the kiss before getting in the shower

Me: Maggie Mathew kissed me :O

Maggie : really !?

Me : yeah but it didn't feel right ...

Maggie : what do you mean ..

Me : i just felt like it wasn't right ... Well gtg boo thang I'll see ya tomorrow

I throw my phone on to my bed than get a shower and get my stuff ready for tomorrows game when my Instagram notifications start going off. I read and it's of course from Paige. oh great I unlock my phone and read what it is .

Paige : got suspended today because of those little whores accusing me of starting a fight .

I smile . Serves her right, she deserves to be suspended . I plug my phone up and put it on my night stand and decided to take a shower and then go to bed.

~~ the next morning at school ~~

I stand at my locker checking my Cheer bow and setting my cheer bag in my locker for tonight's game when i feel strong arms wrap around me . I turn and look to see Ryder smiling at me as he holds my waist . This time i don't push him away it feels right with him .

"Wow that's new you aren't pushing me away " Ryder says a little weirded out

"I know , so what movie are we watching tonight ? " I ask turning back around to grab my books

"I don't care , whatever you want " he smiles at me I never realized how perfect his smile was

"Okay , I got to get to class I'll see you tonight " I smile and walk off.

~ Ryder's pov~

I see Anna bell dressed all in her cheer out fit as she looks at the mirror in her locker, she looked so perfect . I run behind her putting my arms around her . Wow, she wasn't pushing me away for once

"What movie are we watching tonight ? " she asked, smiling.

I don't know what kind of movies girls like.

"Whatever you want to watch " her eyes are so perfect.

"Okay well i got to get to class , see you tonight " she turns to walk away . Wow she said that a little to sexual . I can't wait for tonight .

~Anna's pov ~

Before I could make it in to class with my head in the clouds I run into Mathew .

"What the hell was that !? " he asks, obviously frustrated.

It starlted me "what do you mean ? "

"I mean you having you arms all over Ryder ! "

" you know we're friends . Why are you spazzing ?!" I ask, frustrated with him.

"Because I thought we had something , but I turn around and he has his hands all over you like what the hell "

I finally couldn't take it "You know I actually thought i liked you again but than I realized you spaz to easily it was just being playful calm down" I say as I turn and leave .

~ the day goes by pretty fast and it's finally time to get ready for the football game me and the girls head to the locker room ~

"So Anna what are you doing after the game ? " Emily asks as she rubs lotion on her legs.

"I'm going over to Ryder's to watch a movie " I say smiling and blushing a bit.

"Mhm sure watch a "movie " " Maggie says fixing her bow

"Aren't you a virgin ? " Gracie ask tying her cheer shoes

"Guys I'm not gonna sleep with Ryder , were just friends " I say fixing my makeup.

"Mhm yeah you say that " Raven says.

"Whatever guys , are y'all ready to rock this bitch " I say throwing my bag in my gym locker.

They all agree and we exit to the field.

~After the game ~

I feel Ryders arms come and wrap around me than feel his lips on my neck . I quickly turn.

"Ryder stop not here "

Emily walks to me and him.

"Ryder remember she's a virgin and lets keep it that way ! "

I see Ryder roll his eyes which for some reason makes me blush. I turn to see the bleachers and notice that Paige is on the top row and Mathew is on the bottom- he did come to watch me. Oh crap I realized he probably just saw Ryder do that, but the look on his face I knew he did and by the look on Paige's she did too .

"Are you ready to go " Ryder says as he rocks back and forth

"Um yeah I just gotta get my bag I'll be back in a few minutes ,okay ? " I turn and start waking back to the gym and grab my bag checking me phone.

Mathew : what the hell was that !?

god so he did see I sigh and walk back to Ryder .

"Hey sweetheart " he says then grabs my hand.

-we get in the car and his mom drives us back to his house -


"Sweetie are you hungry ? " she ask me opening the fridge

"No .."

"To be cheering for about 2 hours you don't eat a lot "

"I'm use to it " I say smiling

"Mom we will be in the den watching a movie .."

"Okay honey "

He grabs my hand and gestures me up the stairs . I sit on the couch and take my hair out of the pony tail letting it fall to my shoulders while Ryder goes to get movies and a blanket . I text my mom to tell her I'm with Ryder . Its weird how cool she is with me with guys . I check to see if I have any messages I only have one from Maggie

Maggie : hey boo :D we did perfect at the game and did you see Paige's face when we nailed that basket toss . Priceless .

Me : no I didn't know her or Mathew was there till the end ... Btw I'm with Ryder

Ryder than walks in the room in sweatpants and no shirt ( Hot damn he had abs ) with blankets and tons of movies along with my hot Cheetos .

"Ryder you're literally the best" I saying taking some blankets from him.

"Wow you just figured that out " he says smiling and sitting down.

"Whatever , what movies did you get ? " I say picking up the stack of movies from the ground.

" I don't know I just picked randomly , pick what you want ."

I scan through the movies and find one that catches my eye- paranormal activity 3 .

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