Welcome to My Life (16+) (an intro to Could it Be)

Recommend : 14/15 and up
Anna bell introduces you to her life and her problems as she deals with the mean girls . Her life was perfect, until a stupid mistake ruins it. She loses her friends . She loses everything except her ex, Mathew .



3. For the first time in a long time

-on the bus -

" So guess what Ryder told me today .." I say turning to Maggie


"What " she says I can tell she plotting something due to her face

"He really likes me and he wants to be the only one able to touch me " I say chipping the red pain off my nails

"Really !? " she says now turning her complete attention to me

"Yeah , I think I might like him ... Just a little though !" I start to blush

"Anna , Ryder is who you should be liking! He's way better than Mathew " she says practically screaming I quickly put my hand over her mouth

"Maggie ,Mathew is on the bus could you mute it!"

She licks me hand and I quickly pull away rubbing her spit back on her "your gross "

"Whatever " she says rolling her eyes

-Back at home -

I lay my back pack down and jump onto my bed, pulling out my phone 2 messages. one from Mathew and one from Ryder.

I tap on the one from Mathew first

Mathew: hey are we still hanging tonight

Me : um ... Idk :-/

I roll my eyes than click onto Ryder's message

Ryder :p : Hey wanna hang tonight I got hot Cheetos <3

Me : ha wow Ryder you know how to get a girl don't ya , but I might have plans tonight how bout tomorrow after the game ?

Ryder : sure ...

Me : save me those hot Cheetos tho ;)

Ryder : sure thing sweet heart

I smile than set my phone on my bed and pull out my books to start home work

~20 mins later ~

"Anna Bell someone's here to see you ! " I hear my mom scream

I quickly slid back on my shoes grab my phone and run down the stairs expecting to see Maggie, but instead I see Mathew with his hands in his pockets leaning against the door frame . When he looks up and sees me he smiles and about melt .again.

I smile back and walk to the door "um hi "

"Hey I was wondering if you wanted to hang out for a while ? " I look at his bright blue eyes that are like heaven

"Is that okay mom ? " I ask turning to her

"Yes , if your homeworks done and your back by 9:00 "

It's only 6:00, she must want me out . I laugh to my self .

"Okay thanks mom , bye mom , bye peeps " I say as I walk out the door

The door closers behind me and I feel warm fingers intertwine with mine . I have to be dreaming ...

"My moms the only one home" he says as we walk up to his door

I nod . I've always loved his mom she's sweet and funny .

When we enter into the leaving room she rises from the couch to hug me " oh my gosh Anna it's been forever since I've seen you "

I laugh "yeah I know right "

Mathew becomes still "mom let her go before you kill her "

"Your a drab . " she says laughing

" mom we will be in my room "

"Okay honey , but no kissing ! "

I smile

"No promises " he says than pulls me down the hall to his room


I take a sit at his desk chair where I always use to sit when I came over i glance at my phone and see a message from Ryder

Ryder :p : hey tomorrow after the game do you want to hang out at my house and watch a movie . And yes I will have your hot Cheetos

I smile

Me : sure thing . Just me and you ?

Mathew than speaks up

"Who you texting ? "

I smile "oh just Ryder "

"Oh ... Are y'all dating ? "

I smile at the thought "no were just best friends "

He sits on his bed " Do you wanna be something more ... With him " his eyes get a worried look to him

I think for a second "no , not really "

His eyes drift to something on the other side of the room

I can't help but break the silence " did you here about the fight with me and Paige today ? "

His eyes dart back to me "what fight !? "

"It was nothing she just tried to hit Emily and I grabbed her by the hair to get her off than she hit me and- "

He stands up and crosses over to me "are you okay? "

"Yeah . It didn't hurt . It just pisses me off always having to deal with her "

He puts his hands on my side and I stand up to be able to look him in the eyes better he pulls me close, and I feel his warmth and I can hear his heartbeat than for the first time and a long time. he leans down and presses his lips against mine. It felt like an adrenalin rushing through me , but wasn't right . I pull back and say what ever comes to my mind first

"Are you going to the football game tomorrow?" I say a little sheepishly

" I didn't want to , but your cheering .. So I might are you busy afterword ?"

I think of Ryder than I think of him i don't know what to say I have to lie.

"Yeah , um family plans ."

I see his face drop

"Oh "


-silence -

"Listen I'm sorry for everything Anna I know things are awkward between us and all, but I miss you I really do I need you I'm sorry for being a fag to you it's just I got caught up , I'm sorry " Mathew says in a rush. It was what I had been waiting for forever, but it didn't mean anything now that I had Ryder.

"Mat , listen you weren't there when I needed you but Ryder was he's the one that would wrap me in his arms after dealing with you and Paige . And now you think you can just kiss me and it's all okay . Well it's not . Okay . "

His eyes narrow down on me "your right , I'm sorry ."

I turn towards the door with the leaving words "whatever , I'll see you tomorrow

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