Welcome to My Life (16+) (an intro to Could it Be)

Recommend : 14/15 and up
Anna bell introduces you to her life and her problems as she deals with the mean girls . Her life was perfect, until a stupid mistake ruins it. She loses her friends . She loses everything except her ex, Mathew .



11. do you not remember

Maggie comes walking out in sweatpants and a t-shirt and her hair in a high pony tail .

"So everything looks normal . I'm proud of y'all " she walks around the room throwing her dirty things on her bag

"Be proud " I add

We all gather around the t.v and try finding something to watch . We all sit there staring at the t.v for almost an hour . By 10 o clock Maggie's hungry again .

"Maggie everything's probably closed ! " I say practically screaming as she puts her shoes on

"Worth a shot ? " she says grabbing her purse . "Mcdonalds here I come..."

Mathew runs beside her before she can leave whispers something making her give him a "wtf" look then turns and leaves the room .

I stand up before I could do anything else Mathew has me pushed against a wall . Kissing me slowly .

"Babe your gonna make the room beside us file a complaint " I move my hand along the side of his face .

"Do you think I give a fuck " he gives me his evil grin than kisses me again . He pushes my shirt up removing it . He turns me around practically throwing me on the bed . I end up screaming .

"Oh my god babe I'm sorry " he gets beside me as I grip my arms

"My arms .. " I lay there for a second running my hands along arms .

He than starts to press his lips against my arms . I smile . He kisses my stomach . I was officially done .

"One last time , make it fast " I whisper


I cover my face . "God if my parents find out " I mumble

"Their not gonna find out " he mumbles kissing my ear

I sigh "Maggie's gonna be back soon "

"Oh trust me she's not " he laughs

"What did you tell her ?! " I say extreamly loud

"That if she walks in she's gonna wish she hadn't " he laughs again .

I crave his kiss again . I move against him .

"Do you want more " he whispers .

I nod and he moves his hands on me pulling me closer again kissing me .


I got back dressed into gym shorts and than crawled in bed with the mostly dressed Mathew . He lays his hand on my side and turns to face me.

"That was ... Amazing " he says tired I could tell

"It really was " I smile

"Mathew . I really do love you . " he smiles

"But truth is I love you more " right before he could kiss me

"I hope y'all are done because I'm fucking tired " Maggie walks in with her shoes in her hand

"God Maggie ruin the moment " I stare at her .

"Whatever go to sleep . Love birds " Mathew and I laugh and I move my leg over his side and fall asleep with in minuets but not for long ..

"Mathew help help me ! " I wake up screaming .

"Anna , what's wrong " Mathew turns to me running his hands through my hair .

"I don't know ..." I get out . I don't remember what I dreamed that time but my heart was pounding out of my chest .

"Are you okay ? " he ask .

I nod .

"Go back to sleep . Okay . Remember I'm okay Anna nothing's wrong your okay . " he moves his hand along my face .

"I love you " I move closer .

"I love you too " he plants a kiss on my lips than I close my eyes and go to sleep .


I wake up silently this time . I get out of bed and start trying to find Maggie's bag I find her purse and start dumping it out . Damn it . I think . I start shifting through my bag and can't find it . I start to walk towards Mathew bag when I hear .

"Anna ? " I turn to see Maggie sitting up staring at me

"What are you doing " she adds

I ignore her and continue to look through bags .

"Mathew wake up " I hear a pillow being thrown

"Babe what are you doing "

I ignore him and start walking towards the bathroom he trys grabbing me but I keep walking .

"Anna what are you doing ?! "

"I don't want this fucking child " I say and start opening and closing drawers

"Anna what child " Maggie says coming into the doorway

"The one that's inside of me ! " I scream

"Anna your not pregnant " both of them say

"Fuck where is it ! " I run my hands on the counter

"What are you looking for " they say in unison

"Something to make me not have a child " I grumble .

"Anna your not pregnant " Mathew grabs my hands .

"Get off of me ! " I shout .

"Go to bed first ! " he shouts back .

Maggie's still at the doorway observing .

"It will be to late ! " I scream .

"Anna stop " he trys putting his hands on my face

I smack him away . He quickly grabs my sides and picks me up slinging me over his shoulder .

"Put me down you son of a bitch " I scream trying to hit him

"Maggie grab her hands please " Mathew says .

Maggie attempts to grab my hands but I end up punching her in the nose .

"Don't ever touch me ! " I scream as she falls to the ground .

Mathew throws me on the bed .

"Lay down ! " he screams I attempt to kick him but he catches my foot .

"No hate you ! I hate all you stupid bitches !!! I hate you I hate you ! " I keep screaming and I keep trying to kick and hit him I hear them both talking to each other someone eventually does something making me pass out .


I wake up Sunday morning . I'm the only one awake and for some reason our room is a mess . I get up and start putting stuff back in my bag .

"Anna ? " Mathew ask sitting up

"Good morning babe " I smile at him

"Good morning ? How do you feel ? " he asks what does he mean ?

"What do you mean ? " I ask zipping my suit case back "whys our room such a mess ?"

"Do you not remember?"

"What ? " I ask again

"Anna you said you were pregnant and tore the room apart trying to find something that made you not . " he tries avoiding eye contact . I get up and walk over to were he's sitting up in bed .

"Your kidding ... " I mumble I notice A bruise on the side of his face .

"I'm not .. " he's still avoiding eye contact .

"What happened to your face ? " I ask quietly .

"You hit me . Kicked me . And called me a son of a bitch and said you hated me " he mumbles .

I put my hands to my mouth . "No your lying I wouldn't do that . Mathew I wouldn't . " I feel tears start to rise .

He stands up ignoring me and walks to the bathroom shutting the door . I hear the water turn on meaning he's probably in the shower . I could've done that I think to my self . I look to where Maggie is starting to wake up . She sits up and looks around her face and is also red and her nose looks weird .

"Maggie ?" I start examining her face

"Anna . Why . What . I just don't . " I put my hands to my face .

"I don't know. I honestly don't . "

She crawls out of bed and throws her shoes on and leaves not saying another word. I sit there for a while Mathew comes out of the bathroom wearing only a towel . I turn away and he puts clothes on . We sit there silently till Maggie walks in carrying something .

"What's that ? " I mumble

She sets it in my hands

"Pregnancy test . Take it . Now . " she says really bitchy.

I get up without a word and walk to the bathroom I follow the instructions than sit on the cold tile floor and wait. I almost scream when I saw the results . I run out of the bathroom

"I'm not pregnant " I say .

"I knew it " Mathew says under his breath .

"Good . " Maggie adds.

~We hardly say anything till it's time to start packing to leave ~

I run my hand over my stomach. "Could you imagine " I mumble mostly to my self .

"Yeah I could actually . I imagine me and you together with you and our baby together a happy family you not trying to kill it . " Mathew says violently folding a shirt .

"Why can't you understand . I don't remember that I had no control of what I said ! " I say loudly turning to him .

"Anna if you were pregnant and last night you actually found something . You could have killed it . You could have killed your self in the process . Why don't you understand that ! " Maggie silently watches as she re organizes her bag .

"I do! I understand that I could've .but it wasn't purposely ! You know that and if I did kill it I would have never forgiven my self ! "

"GOOD because I never would've forgiven you ether " he screams making eye contact for the first time .

I turn and walk out of the room with tears streaming down my face . I walk around the hotel for around 30 minuets I pack my suitcase silently in the hotel room . We get on the taxi which takes us to the air port taking us home.

We get back around midnight my mom picking us up she ask a few questions but we she doesn't get an answer so she stops asking .

I pull my bags up the stairs change clothes than pass out . I wake up multiple times in the night sometimes from screaming sometimes from the thoughts . I wake up the next morning drowsy .

I walk to the bus stop ignoring everyone. We get to school I have tons of people trying to hug me . I hug back but quickly stop . The day goes by super slow . I get called up to the office about my missing days making me miss the bus .

"Fuck ! " I scream walking in the rain back towards the building .

"Anna ! " I hear someone I turn and see Ryder running toward me

"I was just leaving do you need a ride " he ask .

I nod .we start walking toward his car and I sit in the passenger seat not bothering to buckle up .

Ryder trys to start a conversation , but all I do is stare at the rain pouring down . We start to go around a sharp curve when things start happening quickly . Ryder slams the breaks I go slinging forward. Then everything goes black .


I sit on the bus wondering why she's not there I felt bad for everything that has happened . I start my walk home when Anna's mom comes running out of her house crying I run to meet her .

"What's wrong . "

"Anna . Car crash . Not breathing . " I instantly frezzee

"We have to go . I'll get my mom to drive " I manage to get out .

"No . No . Her step dad will . " I nod and we all get in the car . The car ride to the hospital is pretty quite i sit there quietly praying the whole time . This can't be happening . I say to my self .

As soon as the car comes to a hault both Anna's mom and I jump out running toward the E.R .

"Where Anna - Bell rece!? " her mom screams as we run in .

A nurse gestures us into a room where no one is .

" mrs . Rece . She's not breathing . She's in surgery right now . " the nurse says

I couldn't hold it I put my hands to my face and start balling . I hear someone enter and I quickly turn toward the door . Ryder walks in with his arm in a cast I quickly stand .

"How could you let this fucking happen ! To her she was so perfect and fragile . This is all your fucking fault you son of a bitch . " I give him a shove but sit back down .

She's gone .

End of book one .

Authors note

Well this is the end of book one there is a second book . What will happen is Anna okay or will Mathew have to live without her.

Okay so I seriously need to be honest I almost cried writing this and I'm sorry the last parts happened so quickly . Please tell me whatcha y'all think thanks :D

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