Welcome to My Life (16+) (an intro to Could it Be)

Recommend : 14/15 and up
Anna bell introduces you to her life and her problems as she deals with the mean girls . Her life was perfect, until a stupid mistake ruins it. She loses her friends . She loses everything except her ex, Mathew .



6. did you say Starbucks ?

I dreamt of him . When I felt lips on my ear I thought it was just part of the dream until I heard "Sweetheart wake up "

I open my eyes because only one person calls me sweetheart and sure enough I open my eyes and Ryder's sitting right beside me.

"Ryder ! What the hell that's a little creepy " I say sitting up groggily.

"Sorry sweetheart but I brought you something " he says handing me a Starbucks coffee.

I take a sip "holy crap , babe your the best ! ,what flavor is it ? " I ask taking another sip.

"Nutella , it's new and you called me babe .. " he says putting his hand on my leg.

I blush I bit "I thought we were a thing ... " I say setting my coffee down and picking up my phone.

"Oh I just wasn't sure " he says.

I have three text messages this morning I look through and see one from Paige one from Maggie and one from Mathew

Maggie : holy shit Anna look at the outside of your house

I don't answer. I see what message I got from Mathew.

Mat : I'm so sorry I tried to stop her

I get even more confused.

I see what's from Paige.

Paige : serves you right slut

I set my phone down and start running down the stairs. I can hear Ryder following close behind as I pass the kitchen I see are parents talking . I sling the front door open and that I see it . Paige egged my house .

"Holy shit " I hear Ryder say behind me.

"Ryder how could she do this , that little whore !!" I say.

Right then my step dad walks beside me it takes him a second to realize what has happened.

"Anna , who did this ? honey get out here "

My mom comes darting out along with Ryder's mom.

"Paige .. " I say.

I turn my head towards Maggie's house where she's staring out the window .Mathew is standing a little ways down the street starring at my yard while little miss Paige is no where to be found .

"I'm calling the police , Anna give me your phone " my step dad says holding out his hand.

"Anna , Ryder y'all go up stairs for a while okay ? " my mom says.

Ryder and I turn and walk back to my room where I sit on my bed against the head board .

"Why would she do that I didn't do anything to her and now she just eggs my house ! " I say taking a sip of my coffee.

"She will probably get finned for vandalism " he says wrapping his fingers with my fingers.

"I hope she goes to jail " I say.

When than hear foot steps and than Maggie appears in the door "I swear to Jesus god almighty I'm gonna kill 'er. " she says.

"Ugh tell me about it " I say tracing the lining of my cup with my finger.

"She overreacts on everything ." Ryder says.

I sigh and put my head on his chest while Maggie takes a seat on the foot of my bed taking a sip of my coffee.

"Oh my .. It taste like Nutella mixed with coffee who would do such a thing to poor Nutella " she says wrinkling her nose.

" a genius " I say laughing.

We all sit there for a few mins than we hear another pair of footsteps and than Mathew appears in my doorway .

"Hey Anna I'm so ... What the hell is he doing here ? " Mathew says angrily.

"Oh just spending time with my girlfriend " he says squeezing me tight. I knew it would only make him mad, but I didn't care. I snuggled closer to Ryder.

"Oh you mean Maggie " he says with anger in his eyes. I see Ryder and Maggie blush a bit.

"No I mean with Anna , do you have a problem ?" Ryder says.

I feel the tension in the air .

"Anna I came over to apologize for letting this happen, but it seems your "boyfriend " is comforting you . "

This pisses me off "damn right he's comforting me he always does when your not here . Or when you hurt me he's the only person I got ." I say standing up "now get the hell out of my house ! "

He turns to leave but quickly wild back around and gets in Ryder's face "if you ever touch her like that you will wish you never have she's mine always has and always will be "

This pisses Ryder off extremely, but before he can say anything I push Mathew. "I'm not yours anymore ! Now get out ." I say pushing harder which stuns him he marches out . I lean back into Ryder and let out a deep breath . I can hear Ryder's heart beating incredibly loud . He's so pissed .

"Baby I'm sorry I didn't mean.." I drift off, knowing there was nothing I could say.

"It's alright. I better go, though. I'll see you later, sweetheart. Love you," he says, kissing me quickly and standing up.

"Yep that was a little too much tension for me. I'm out too. Bye boo!" She says, getting up and walking out the door with Ryder.

And I was alone.


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