Welcome to My Life (16+) (an intro to Could it Be)

Recommend : 14/15 and up
Anna bell introduces you to her life and her problems as she deals with the mean girls . Her life was perfect, until a stupid mistake ruins it. She loses her friends . She loses everything except her ex, Mathew .



8. choices , choices , choices

I go to get out of bed to go home, but Mathew stopped me .

"Anna don't leave " he says grabbing the part of my arm not wrapped

"Why not ? " I ask

"Your head . You might faint again ."

I guess he would be right. plus I do want to lay with him some more . I lay back down with my head on what I realised was a bare chest .

Where's your mom ? " I ask running my hand down his arm

" She went to bed after wrapping your arms . " I feel his fingers run through my hair

"I'm sorry for ruining the party for you . " I feel my dress ridding up my leg I try moving my arm and can't help but let out an 'ow'.

"You didn't . I would pick being with you over any party " he pulls my dress back to my knees where I was trying to get it .

I smile "thank you "


Is this right . I thought things were through with him and I . It feels right ,but yet things with Ryder feel right this is to damn confusing and my head hurts . I had to do it . I flip over with my legs on ether side of him I push my self against him his lips intertwine with mine and I feel that rush of energy go through me . I feel my dress ride up again . This time I don't want to fix it Mathew reaches to fix it but I smack his hand away , he instead put his hands on me and moves them all on me . Oh I want it so bad .

He flips me over making my arms hurt but I ignore it . He moves his hands up my dress removing it and throwing it . His kisses my neck and moves down . I was going to get his pants off but i realised they already off to my advantage . His fingers linger by my waist line .

"I love lace " he says referring to my matching bra that was meant for Ryder . he kisses me again than His hands go to un do my bra . I have to stop him now . I pull away .

"Mathew , we have to stop now . " I say letting out a deep breath he lays down beside me . I don't want to get up so I don't I lay as close as I can get to him . I drift off to sleep thinking

I just cheated on my boyfriend.

I wake up . With aches in my arms and head . I hear someone lean down and whisper "one good thing came out of last night your still mostly a virgin " I had completely forgotten about sleeping with Ryder till he said that .i turn over and look Mathew in the eyes.

"Yeah ! Except I cheated on my boyfriend and I'm laying in bed with my ex boyfriend half dressed ! "

"Last night was perfect to me " he says moving my hair behind my ear .

"Mathew stop this is not right " I didn't want to say that but I had to .

"It should be right . We should be right ! "

I press my hands to my face "I need to go home" I get up and search the room for my dress and shoes and slip them on .

"At least let me walk you home " he says getting up .

"Fine but put some pants on and a shirt "

"But what if I don't want to ! " he says.

"I'll make you ! " I say laughing .

"Than make me "

I run towards him and press my lips against his violently pushing him as I do it . I quickly back off .

" now get dressed " I say turning away .

"Yes ma'am" he says as he slips pants and a sweatshirt.

I unwrap my arms and see the deep cuts in my arms . I feel the tears again . I guess Mathew noticed because he quickly hugs me.

"It hurts so much " I say crying . I didn't know if I was talking about the cuts or my world falling apart.

" I know baby I know . " I feel him stroking my hair .

"You called me baby " I say trying to calm the tears.

"I know " I than feel his lips against the side of my face .

"Can we go now "

~ he walks me back to my house ~at the door ~

"Hey I'm home " I say walking in with my arms crossed .

"Oh hey babe " right as I hear that Ryder comes around the corner and he's staring right at me and Mathew I'm screwed .

"Where are my parents! " I say walking around the downstairs .

Right then Maggie walks down the stairs "Anna are you okay ?" She ask running to me and putting her hands on my arms making me flinch

I feel Mathew come behind me "don't touch her arms she's hurt " I push back into him .

"Shut up " I say

Ryder then comes in front of me and grabs my arms, pushing Maggie away .

"What the hell did you do to her !? " I pull my arms away "and why is your dress on backwards !" Oh of course it's on backwards .

"I actually helped her when Paige was trying to kill her ! " Mathew says .

"Paige tried killing you !? " Ryder and Maggie say in unison .

"She just cut me " I say trying to escape .

"So how'd your dress get on backwards ? " Ryder ask .

"It must of Been like that last night " I say trying to back up some more .

"No it wasn't I looked at every inch of you it was on right . Now tell me what you did ! "

I couldn't take it "fine Ryder . I almost slept with Mathew ! There you happy ! " I than turn and run to my bed room when tears start covering my face .

A few minuets later I feel someone's embrace me .

"Baby it's alright " I turn around and look into his blue eyes

"No it's not Mathew if he tells anyone I'm gonna be known as a cheater " I say through my sobs .

He runs his hand down the side of my face and trys drying my tears .

"It's okay . " he lays next to me and I burry my face in his shirt

"I feel like a terrible person . I'm so stupid "

"Babe your not stupid "

I sigh . I than get up and take off my dress and throw it in the dirty clothes .

"Oh damn" I hear Mathew say

"Shut up , I'm just changing " I say slipping on gym shorts and go to put Ryder's sweatshirt on but end up throwing it violently back in the closet . Before I could put a shirt on Mathew comes behind me and pushes me back on the bed.

"not right now my parents are gonna find out " I say standing up

"So? "

"I don't need that "

"But I need that " he says gesturing towards my body

I lean towards him and let him kiss me . "That's all your getting , for now " I say putting on a shirt and getting up.

They all left after a while and I finally decided to get some sleep.

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