Welcome to My Life (16+) (an intro to Could it Be)

Recommend : 14/15 and up
Anna bell introduces you to her life and her problems as she deals with the mean girls . Her life was perfect, until a stupid mistake ruins it. She loses her friends . She loses everything except her ex, Mathew .



9. cheater cheater .

I make sure to always where my long sleeves around the house now so my parents don't question the marks . They never asked what happened at the party or why I was with Mathew when they got home and not Ryder. I ignore all social media and text messages, I needed to clear my head . I woke up Monday morning dreading to know if anyone's heard. I haven't talked to Maggie what so ever since Saturday morning . I get dressed and walk down the stairs grabbing my things and walking out the door without a word .

"Hey babe " I hear someone say than I feel Mathews body heat warm me . I don't say anything to him I keep my head down and keep walking.

"Babe , what's wrong " he ask grabbing my arm making me let out a small scream.


I turn to him "my parents don't know I thing I haven't said a word all weekend to anybody and I haven't slept what so ever I feel like shit! " I say almost falling into him " I missed you " I mumbled.


"Why didn't you call me or text me I could've come over "


"Mathew I don't know . I'm just scared right now . Do you think anyone knows ? " I look around and don't see anybody at the bus stop yet .

"Anna . " he pushes my hair behind my shoulder.

"Everyone knows I've been being asked about it all weekend "

I feel my face get red . I press against him again .

"I don't wanna go to school " I try pulling back tears.

"Baby it's okay . I will be with you most of the time it's fine " I feel his warm lips near my ear which gives me shivers .

The weekend alone made me realize that I needed Mathew I really did .

People start to walk to the bus stop and me and Mathew try to stand a little behind them but I know there all whispering about me .

Soon the bus starts coming up and the street Mathew and I getting on last I see if Maggie saved me a seat but it's taken by Scarlet . Mathew picks a seat toward the middle and I sit next to him putting my feet up and leaning against him . I bite my lip trying to ignore them but I know both Maggie and Paige are staring straight at me . I stay quite for the rest of the ride till we arrive at school .

I stand to get off the bus but go crashing back down. It was Paige . She bends down beside me "how does it feel to be a cheater ." She whispers the word cheaters bouncing around in my head still after she leaves .

I feel Mathew move to get up .

"Babe its okay " I grab my bag on my arm but quickly dropping it because of the pain .

He picks up my backpack "it's not okay " his face gets serious

"It is though " I turn to get behind the last person in line with Mathew falling behind we walk to the main door . I realise we were earlier and the door is still locked I lean against the wall . I can feel the stares even people not in our grade are staring. this is a nightmare . I see Gracie , Emily and Raven the all make eye contact with me but continue walking I take off running towards them.

"Hey best friends " I say getting in front of them

They ignore me and keep walking .

"What the hell is your problem? " I ask following behind them Emily answers and I suddenly wish she hadn't .

"I don't know why don't you tell us . Cheater" I want to escape now I don't care anymore .

"guys ." I slowly say

"You know Anna . I thought you were better than that" Gracie turns around staring me in the eyes

I see the crowd of people starting to enter the building . I don't know what else to do . I turn and start walking back to the door Mathew sees me and follows me . I have to hold the tears back I have to be strong I can't let this happen . I stop at my locker trying to unlock it buy forget the combination I press my hands to my face and lean against my locker .

"Anna . Stop . Be strong please . " the whisper warms my ear

"I can't . Everyone hates me . I'm a cheater . " im still holding back the tears I feel his hands on my side .

"Put your hands down ." I obey and let my hands fall to my side

I instantly feel his lips against mine pushing me back against the locker . I know people are staring i just needed that . I really did . I pull back .

"Thanks " I turn back around now remembering my combination I unlock my locker I had totally forgotten . Mathew puts it in my hands gentility like I was a glass doll and I was gonna shatter any moment . I get my stuff and go to class . Ignoring everyone and everything all day . I attempt to act really into a book , which doesn't really work. people still try starting conversations but I ignore them. When I get home all I wanted to do was lay in bed . I walk in the front door setting down my bag . I walk to the kitchen than the living room where my mom and step dad are sitting oddly .

"Hey guys " i say scared on what they might say. There was something very wrong.

"Honey sit down " my mom says with concern in her eyes . I obey . She puts her hand on my knee. I immediately tense up.

"What is it " I'm shaking uncontrollably. Did I want to know?

"Honey ..." My mom she couldn't say it whatever it was. The tension was killing me. I looked to my stepdad.

"Your dad ... Got shot in afganistain " my step dad says putting his hand on my shoulder.

"Is he gonna be alright ? " I ask, already knowing the answer.

"Honey that's the thing . " my mom has her hands pressed against her head.

"They tried saving him . They tried as much as possible . " the tears start flowing "he's . He's dead"

"Honey it's okay " someone says wrapping there arms around me

"No it's not ! " I get up running up the stairs falling and trying to manage as soon as I make it to my room I shut and lock the door and fall to the ground . Dad...

-hours later -

My parents try to get in so does my sister but I don't let anyone I sob till I'm out of tears than I lay on the floor staring at the ceiling . I hear a knock and ignore till I hear .

"Babe let me in " i quickly get on my knees to unlock and open the door Mathew walks in with Maggie close behind . He embraces me along with Maggie Mathew moves his hands through my hair .

"Baby it's all right . Your okay . Your okay . " I'm still shaking .

"Anna..." I hear Maggie say. I knew that Maggie had liked my Dad the first time she met him, when he was sent home for about a week. They were both fascinated with architecture and traveling, so they got along easily. I also knew she knew what it was like not to have a dad.

I can't speak I just nod and hug her . She stands and gets a tissue from the night stand and wipes the tears from my eyes . Mathew sits next me with his arms still wrapped around my waist . We sit there for almost an hour till I can talk .

"Thank... You " I say breathing heavily.

Before they can respond my mom walks in and sits in front of me she doesn't even make notice of Mathews arms around me . She moves my hair out of my face and kisses my forehead .

"Anna since your sister doesn't wanna go to the ... Funeral " she pauses for a second after that word making sure it didn't cause me to much pain . " and it's in New Mexico, and you can't go by yourself . I was thinking would you want Maggie and Mathew to come with you "

I nod . "When .. Is it ? " I ask wrapping my fingers with Mathews.

"This weekend , so I figured you don't want to go to school because you don't want people asking why you look depressed . So you can stay home everyday until Friday . When y'all three have to get on the plane " I nod in agreement.

"My mom might not be okay with that " Maggie says shaking her head.

"Honey I already got you hooked up you momma dray says you can just cause her dad died " my mom says In her fake ghetto accent which makes all of us laugh.

" your momma to Mathew y'all are hooked up" I smile and I see both Maggie and Mathew do the same she leaves and we all go to talking about the trip I smile a few times . I tell them I'm glad I have them two we talk for about 3 more hours till the both go home . I didn't have an appetite . So I tuck my self into bed and go to sleep.

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