Shushhh!!- I Whispered to my best friend. By the way, my name is Whisper.


1. About me and stuff



Chapter 1

 Ok so my name is Whisper but people call me badass. I'm in this gang but I don't keep up with the shit. So basically if you come in touch with my personal space just remember, I warned you. I am in this gang with this 4 more other friends of mine. Bethany and Zoe who are my best friends and Alfie and Connor who are also my best friends. So basically I am in a deadly gang with my four best friends. People are literally afraid of us because, yes the rumors are true, we have killed some people BUT I PROMISE IT HAS ONLY BEEN TWO PEOPLE!!! So basically my parents think I am like this drug-addict but that's the only thing i don't mess with. Drugs. They still love me very very much though. Today Zoe, Bethany, Alfie, Connor, and I are going to this club and yea...


                                                                   At the Club...

      Ahhh, damn it Bethany, Connor, Zoe, and I were pretty much drunk and Alfie was the one who was less drunk of us so he was gonna drieve. Right now Zoe and I are dancing in the dance floor to our jam songs my guns n' roses. It was getting pretty damn late so we all left. In the car we were all dancing and singing to this Justin Bieber song. Hell yeah we were drunk....  Alfie dropped me at Bethany's place because Zoe had to go to this fancy dinner that she dreaded because she had to dress fancy. When Alfie dropped us at Bethany's I texted my parents that I was staying at her place and we decided to go for a walk. We were standing by this dark alleyway when in the inside we heard whimpering and someone screaming at this other guy. "Whisper let's go  help him." "No Beth, this is none of our shit, just leave it." I replied. "But Please!!! Let's go Shush!!" Yes she calls me Shush, yes my same reaction you have from the first time she called me Shush. "Ok, but remember if I hurt them too much and we again end up arrested." We entered the alleyway and this is kind of how it went. "What the hell is happening here??!!?" I asked. "Well look who we have here, little Whisper, do you remember of the times I watched you grow up?" Said the douchbag I once called my friend. "Shut the hell up Kian and hand me the boy." I spat at him. "Oh sweetheart, just stop doing the drugs and stop fucking every guy you see and go to school." This time I didn't hold it and went for the punch right in the face and his nose started bleeding. I told the guy watching to run but he stayed there. I told Kian that he deserved it and Bethany kicked him in the stomach and cussed at him. I grabbed the guy and Bethany and ran as far as I could. We got to Bethany's house and I locked everything there. "What's your name??" I asked the guy. "Harry, Harry Styles." He answered.




*The youtubers look the same but with a lot of more edge into them and all of this people are soooo freacking sweet in real life*

 Hey guys, I know it's been a LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time and this time I came to stay. I'm sorry for the cussing, it's because of the character. How I imagine the characters is Whisper like in the cover picture. Then Bethany, Connor, Alfie, Kian, and Zoe are youtubers,

Bethany- MacBarbie07/ Bethanyslife

Alfie- PointlessBlog/PointlessBlogTv/AlfieGames

Zoe- Zoella/MoreZoella

Connor- More Connor/ConnorFranta/Our2ndLife

Kian- kianlawley/superkian13/Our2ndLife

*you probably already know who this people are*

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