Olivia brown and the order of the phoenix

a sequel to all of the other Olivia Brown and the philosephers stone, the chamber of secrets, the prisoner of Azkaban, and the goblet of fire, but this i s her diary this time, not a story.


4. September 30th

September 30th,

So, I forgot to tell you about our new defense against the dark arts teacher. I  hate her. That's right. It's a her! She is mean, nasty, strict, and gives out unnecessary homework. Who does that? Professor Umbridge! Tim got a detention from her once, and  I got so mad when I found out what she did! He still has a cut from it! And he did it 2 weeks ago! I don't want you to get any ideas, but I think that she is trying to get Harry off of the Gryffendor Quidditch team!He is the best player we've ever had!  It will probably go down in history, and yet just because he does one thing, and it doesn't even invlove quidditch, he will get kicked off of the team! I hate professor Umbridge. Even more then Snape, which is rare! I don't like Snape, and I hate Umbridge. And also, the ministry decided to lose Dumbledore. I, in honor of Dumbledore, decided to join the D.A. (Dumbledore's Army.) I never want him to leave. Now, we have to call Umbridge Headmistress too! I absalutly hate it!!! And it's poor Tim and Michel's first year!!! And now, instead of having fun, he has' I shall not tell lies" scared on his hand!!! 

Bug off Umbridge!!! 

Very mad,


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