Olivia brown and the order of the phoenix

a sequel to all of the other Olivia Brown and the philosephers stone, the chamber of secrets, the prisoner of Azkaban, and the goblet of fire, but this i s her diary this time, not a story.


3. September 10th

 September 10th

So, today is Leah and Anna's 13th birthday, and they're first time going to hogsmead. Probably the best time of they're lives. I'm now only 3 years older then them. Well, I've only got 2 months before I'm 4 years older then them, and everything is back to normal. I remember when I first went to hogsmead, it was magical, but there were ruddy dementors there, and so it ruined the whole experience. 4th year, I didn't visit hogsmead much, because of the tri-wizard tournament. We even had to miss a trip, because of the second task, but it would have been an acasoin that I wouldn't have minded missing that task honestly. It was cold, and misrable, and it lasted an extra 20 minutes, because Fleur didn't come up with her sister. Not very fun! Anyways, this was my first year that I got to go to hogsmead with nothing in my way, and so it was cool. Nothing extra to think about. None of the above, except for homework. I went to the 3 broomsticks, and it was awesome. I really enjoyed this trip. It was also my first where Leah and Anna came, and so it was very enjoyable for them. But I feel bad for Michel and Tim. 2 more years. I feel bad. 


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