Olivia brown and the order of the phoenix

a sequel to all of the other Olivia Brown and the philosephers stone, the chamber of secrets, the prisoner of Azkaban, and the goblet of fire, but this i s her diary this time, not a story.


7. November 1st

November 1st,

Professor Umbridge keeps putting up all of these unnecessary rules. I mean, at 1 or 2, it was bearable, when it got to 10, it was weird, at 30, which is now, it is unbearable. I mean, who does this? Dolores Umbridge. The most cruel, wacky, insane, weird, mean, evil, whatever you want to say that describes her, ( which is a lot) probably will work. Umbridge is an easy lady to describe. I just got the memo that we aren't allowed to carry around a stupid magazine, just because Harry was in it. I feel bad for the poor kid. He's gotten like 10 detentions this semester. 10.

Poor Harry



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