Olivia brown and the order of the phoenix

a sequel to all of the other Olivia Brown and the philosephers stone, the chamber of secrets, the prisoner of Azkaban, and the goblet of fire, but this i s her diary this time, not a story.


1. August, 21

August, 21

So, today my brothers, ( Tim, and Michel) thought that it would be funny if they got on my nerves, by begging me to tell them everything about Hogwarts. You say it sounds silly right? It seemed okay, but by the 10th time they asked me it, it got a little bit annoying. By the 20th it was just plain out annoying. By the 50th, I wanted to punch them in the face. People are lucky that I am patient around here, because they are 11, and I'm 16. It's not funny to see a 16-year-old girl mad! I wish they would just ask Anna, or Leah. There are 5 people in this family that have gone to Hogwarts, and they have to ask me. Even Mum or Dad would be better! What information did they think they'd get from me? I will never understand 11-year-old boys!


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