His Gang

Dean's father is the leader of the " hardcores" who kill and torture for fun but when he dies Harry turns into the leader. Dean didn't know that her dad was a gang leader until after his death when she is forced to join the gang. But Dean and Harry fall for each other.


4. Training


after she read the note she looked at me her eyes filled with horror and sadness. Then she said " so I have to live in a house filled with murderers and drug dealers" wow that kinda hurt me. " yeah"


I can't believe my dad how the hell can I be in a gang. I wear glasses and suspenders for god's sake. He notice I kept staring at my clothes and said "since your now in the gang you need a makeover , I'll send the girls over" then he left the room soon two girls about my age came in the girl with blonde hair said "I'm Perrie, this Eleanor" then Perrie took off my glasses and said " wow you have beautiful eyes" then she handed me contacts and said " put these on" I put them on. Wow it felt weird without glasses. Then Eleanor put a trash bag filled with clothes on the bed " um... Why are there only red, white and black?" Then Eleanor said " your only suppose to wear the colors of the hardcores" I looked at the clothes. " no offense but these clothes look sluty" They started laughing and Eleanor said " you"ll get use to it soon" I just looked at them. I didn't notice tears were slipping onto my cheeks. Then Eleanor pulled me into a hug. Then as soon as Harry came in they ran out. Harry saw me cry and said "Dean you have school tomorrow" " wait what about my book bag?" " Louis got it before we left the house" MY house. Then he looked at me and said " well scoot over" "what?" " there was no more room in the house so your sleeping with me" oh god this is going to be REALLY awkward I quickly scooted over. Me and him layed there. This was the closest I have ever gotten to a guy usually my look 'repelled' them away. Then he put his arm around my waist then I awkwardly said "um what are you doing?" " I thought you were cold"

*next day*

When I woke up Harry was changing. He was in her boxers,

STUPID! He's going to notice your staring at him. Stop being creepy

Spoke to late " like what you see" I blush so bright that you would confuse my cheeks with tomatoes. I got up and got ready in the bathroom. I put on black high waist shorts and tuck in my red tank top and put a black cardigan on top. I put a smokey eye look and some lip gloss and headed down stairs. Everyone just stared at me surprisingly there all in my grade and school. I took a seat next to Niall I still felt eyes on me. I didn't eat, I've starve myself since 6th grade, let's just say I was a whale before then. Then Louis spoke up "well kitty, I think we should start your training after school" " kitty?" " yeah that's my new nick name for you" wow! Now I'm a cat. Note the sarcasm. Wait did he just say training? What training?

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