His Gang

Dean's father is the leader of the " hardcores" who kill and torture for fun but when he dies Harry turns into the leader. Dean didn't know that her dad was a gang leader until after his death when she is forced to join the gang. But Dean and Harry fall for each other.


5. School


when I walked in every one kept staring which made me uncomfortable. Then my crush, Jake the football player came up to me and said "well look who it is the girl who never talked well how do you feel about skipping school with me" ok I might of been a total dork but a know what it actually means when a guy asks you to skip school with him. " no thanks" Perrie who was next to me started laughing, jake just stood there with a blank expression. I walked past him And headed for math. Harry and Louis where there. Louis signal me to sit next to him. I zoned out of math and doodled in my notebook. All day guys whistle at me, what the hell? I'm a person not a dog. When I was walking towards the cafeteria I got pushed against the lockers. It was Jake. " YOU FUCKING BITCH NO ONE SAYS NO TO ME!" he started biting my neck " stop, please stop!" He didn't stop, well he asked for it I kick him in the manhood and punched him to the ground. Wow I just beat a football player! WAY TO GO DEAN! He just laid on the ground I make my way to the cafeteria I sat with the gang then Jake barged in the cafeteria pushing every body out of his path. He went over to our table and sat next to me and said " miss me bitch" what a douche " no, did you like the feeling of my fist against your screwed up face" all of the gang members stopped and stared at me. Then Harry got the hint that Jake was unwelcome and growled " leave" Josh scrambled on his two feet and ran off. Wow the gang really does look after you. Then Louis and Niall said " what was that about" Louis, Niall, Perrie,Eleanor and Alexa where the closest to me. " nothing" Alexa gave me the ' we heard that a million times before' look " nothing seriously". On our way home the whole gang walked home together. When we got home, Harry was training me.

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