His Gang

Dean's father is the leader of the " hardcores" who kill and torture for fun but when he dies Harry turns into the leader. Dean didn't know that her dad was a gang leader until after his death when she is forced to join the gang. But Dean and Harry fall for each other.


7. new chapter


I can tell he didn't Believe me because he snatch the letter and read it. He gave me a blank expression then he said "go downstairs for dinner" before I headed downstairs I tried to grab the note but he would just move it farther away. When i went downstairs everybody gave me apologetic looks. Then Harry came downstairs and grabbed me by the wrists and dragged me to our room. "FUCKING BITCH DONT YOU DARE LEAVE YOUR MOM DOESNT LOVE YOU SHE LEFT YOU FOR GODS SAKE!" he screamed, at this point i was crying my eyes out why would he say that. He suddenly grabbed me and took me to the bathroom. i noticed the bathtub was fulled with water. he suddenly dunked me in the bathtub. i tried to get out of his grip because i was running out of breath. i tried clawing at him but he only hold me down harder. just before my eyesight was about to turn black and i was going to give up, Louis pulled me up. i fell to the ground and started coughing up blood. i turned around to see Liam, Zayn, and Niall holding Harry, i also saw the rest of the gang looking at me with wide eyes. Perrie was crying. suddenly everything black. 

you guys should listen to " Dream" by Priscilla Ahn to match with Dean's flashback

"come on dad!" i said giving my dad the puppy dog face so he could buy me the doll "sure sweetie" he said smiling. "Dad were going to be late" i said grabbing my book bag for the first day of high-school "calm down it's just your first day" he said giving me a hug and handing me my lunch bag. Then i woke up from the most beautiful dream i ever had. when i woke up i saw Elouner and Perrie crying there eyes out while holding a gun. "why are you holding a gun" i asked Elouner "IM SO SORRY!" She broke down even more. just before Elouner was about to hold the gun up i group of strong muscular strangers barged in. i felt a blow to the head and everything went black..... 

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