His Gang

Dean's father is the leader of the " hardcores" who kill and torture for fun but when he dies Harry turns into the leader. Dean didn't know that her dad was a gang leader until after his death when she is forced to join the gang. But Dean and Harry fall for each other.


2. My New Life


I was the new leader of the hardcores since Mack died. But before he died he told me to take care of his Daughter Dean. Well it wasn't going to be easy since she has no idea that her dad was " the Mack Ray" the leader of the hardcores. He was like a dad to me since when my parents kicked me out he let me in the family of the hardcores. I respected him. He made people fear the name of the hardcores. He even had to pay the price of letting the love of his life leave him with dean his daughter only because her parents hated him. He never told Dean that he was the leader of the Hardcores he lied and said he was a salesman. And when he said he was going on a business trip he would actually come into the hardcores's house and take care of gang business. And now I'm the leader of the hardcores and his daughter. After making her black out we drove her to the our house. She actually is beautiful her dark brown long hair and dark brown eyes SNAP OUT OF IT! YOUR A GANG LEADER NOT A DESPERATE TEENAGE BOY!

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