His Gang

Dean's father is the leader of the " hardcores" who kill and torture for fun but when he dies Harry turns into the leader. Dean didn't know that her dad was a gang leader until after his death when she is forced to join the gang. But Dean and Harry fall for each other.


6. Little Girl Lost


at training Harry showed me how to use a gun. " your very talented with the gun just like your father" I was really good with the gun, guess it runs in the family. After a finish training I headed to my room. There I found a note on the bed.

Dear Deana,

You probably won't believe me but I'm your mom, I'm sorry for abandoning you I had no other choice your father threatened me to leave. But he didn't do it because he hated me he wanted to protect us. Please Dean forgive me. I would love to meet you someday. I always spend my nights at the park.

I can't believe this how the hell did this get here. Harry walked in while I was holding the letter in my hand. " what do you have?" I quickly said " my report card" I can tell he

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