Rue Mellark

In this book, Katniss never rebelled. (Peeta's still alive, but Katniss and Peeta never went back into the games.) The Capitol still stands, and the Hunger games go on. Katniss had been married to Peeta Mellark, and against all odds, she had a child. Twins to be exact. Primrose and Rue Mellark. It's the 88th Hunger Games, thirteen years since the 75th Hunger Games.


3. Thoughts

As soon as we get on the train, Effie leads me to my compartment. The moment she leaves, I run to the bed, throwing myself on it. Tears start to come, hating my luck. How is it fair that it's me, Zander, or some other person? I cant watch him in the games AND live! And I'm only twelve... I dont know how I'll get over this. I don't.

Prim, Gale, Momma, Aunt Prim. They'll all be at a loss. They all love Zander, and They all love me. Poppa hasnt met Zander, mostly by some problems him and Gale have had in the past. But otherwise, I won't know what to do. I wont babysit him, but ill team up with him.

At least for now.

Momma was in this position. With her and poppa. She says she's glad Rue wasn't... there at that time. But, I can't pull what momma pulled. She almost killed her and poppa. She could have kiled her family. Only one of us may live. Yet I don't know who.

The Hunger Games are a nasty thing. The Capitol calls themselves forgivers. Saying they forgive. Yet, they are monsters. Absolute monsters. Momma and poppa could have rebelled. But if they did, what would be? They could have died. So they didn't rebel. The Capitol still standing, and now I'm being forced to kill twenty three other people.

Maybe I can rebel. Take the chance momma and poppa never took. 




Sorry for the short chapter

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