Rue Mellark

In this book, Katniss never rebelled. (Peeta's still alive, but Katniss and Peeta never went back into the games.) The Capitol still stands, and the Hunger games go on. Katniss had been married to Peeta Mellark, and against all odds, she had a child. Twins to be exact. Primrose and Rue Mellark. It's the 88th Hunger Games, thirteen years since the 75th Hunger Games.


4. Pin

I stare out the window at the serene sky. We're approaching the capitol, becoming nearer to it by the second. Zander messes around with everything. I slowly sigh, staring at the Capitol. Momma stares at her feet.

"I hope you know I can't protect him." I whisper to her, eyes darting to the floor. She nods her head, staring  where my eyes are.

"It's okay, sweetie. I won't be mad at you. And I don't think Gale will, either.," She tries to help, but it isn't working. "Just know I want you to be safe. Don't die on me just yet. You're too young." She presses something into my hand. "A friend gave this to me for my Games. It kept me safe, it will keep you safe."

"Thank you, momma." I whisper looking at the sky, again. I have to win. For momma. 


~Again, sorry for the short chapter~

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