Olivia brown and the goblet of fire

a sequel to Olivia brown and the philosophers stone, the chamber of secrets, and the prisoner of azkaban


7. The Yule ball

It was the night of the Yule Ball was exciting. I had a dress that was short and pure white. The white ribbon in the middle looked really good with it. Hermionie Ginny and I did out hair, make-up, and nails together. I was in charge of the make-up, Hermionie was in charge of nails, and Ginny was in charge of hair. My hair was in a braid all night, so it was curly, and my bangs hung loosely behind my ears. I've always had brown highlights, but over the summer, my hair literally turned carrot orange. My mom said that it happens to the best of us. Anyways, I had pink eye shadow on and dark pink lip gloss. I remember walking into the corridor, in the place that me and Alex were supposed to meet, and I saw him standing there all dressed up in his red dress shirt, black robes, and black pants. After we met, we went into the great hall. There were 2 of the tables that we normally would have dinner on were lined up against the wall, and in the middle was outlined in a  sparkly blue and pink square that was the dance floor. Me and Alex went out and danced for a little bit, and after about 15 minutes, we went to get some punch. After refreshments, we went outside to the lake. It wasn't that cold out, so when we got there, we took off our shoes, and splashed in the water. Before we knew it, the sun was setting. We sat together on a rock and watched the sun set. I hugged him as we watched the sun go down. Time felt frozen. It was the most magical feeling in the world. I wouldn't rather be any other place now then here. Once it was dark, we went back to the castle. By then, the whole thing was over. I thought, 

"This is why I was looking forward to the Yule ball."

I said to myself. And after that, Alex went to the ship, and I went to my dormitory, knowing that because I knew him, I had been changed for the better. Changed for good.

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