Olivia brown and the goblet of fire

a sequel to Olivia brown and the philosophers stone, the chamber of secrets, and the prisoner of azkaban


9. The third task

The third task started out like normal. The gun shot, and Harry, Cedric, Victor, And Fleur were off! The maze seemed very complected. The twists and turns made it seem like you were going the right way, but you weren't. I just routed for Harry. The funny thing is, you couldn't see anything, and so it was kind of pointless getting all worked up about nothing. Everybody just waited for the first person with a trophy to come out. But it had been 3 hours, and nobody had come out. Time was out. Now, for safety reasons, we had to go looking for them. The search parties that went after Victor and Fleur came out in 15 minutes, and they were safe and sound, but it took 45 minutes to look for Harry and Cedric. This scared me, because Cedric's family is very close to mine. Our parents grew up together. Cedric and I were like bread and butter. If I needed help with almost anything, I would go to him for advice. Growing up, he was only 3 years older than me, so we would play after school together everyday. And when he went off to Hogwarts, it was like the world was ending! He was in his  2nd year when I came to Hogwarts. And I was routing for Harry, and honestly, he was a really nice guy, and so I was all and all crushed. I had basically lost my best friend, and my friends best friend. So Hermionie, Ginny, and I fell into eachothers arms as we cried as hard as we possibly could. I didn't know what to do. So I tried to do whatever I could. I tried to go and get them. I ran to the starting line, and before I could get 3 meters away, somebody grabbed my waste, pulling me back into his arms. It was Alex, along with Ron, as Ginny tried to run with me. I fell into Alex's arms, and cried. We had already finished dinner, and since everybody got off classes until we were sure that they were both dead, which would be about a week, since we would have to have found they're bodies, Alex came and slept with Ginny, Hermionie and I, along with Ron, since they knew that they had to be there. I remember that I saw Hermionie hug Ron. That got me all worked up, mainly because they hadn't gotten along for what seemed like ages. I was surprised to see them hug. Once the girls got into they're night gowns, I cuddled up with Fluffy, my cat, and cried myself to sleep. Grief overtook me. I didn't want to believe that he was gone. My god brother, or more like my only brother was most likley to be gone. I didn't want to believe it, but I fell asleep anyways. I remember I used to dream that we would one day get married. I had the same dream that night. I remember every exact detail, and I know I would never forget it. Ever.

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