Olivia brown and the goblet of fire

a sequel to Olivia brown and the philosophers stone, the chamber of secrets, and the prisoner of azkaban


8. The second task

So, this year has been pretty fun, but this task, was just the opposite! I was bundled up inside of a blanket, and huddling next to Ginny, isn't fun. After about 10 minutes, the whistle blew, which indicated that the challengers were about to leap into the water. I went up and touched the water earlier to see how cold it was, and can I just say, it took about 10 minutes for me to feel my fingers again. Brr! Anyways, once the whistle blew, the challengers leaped into the ice water. I was trying to see what was happening, but it was 0 degrees outside, and so I didn't want to get out of my coat, or blanket. I just waited until one of them came out of the water. Cedric came out first, and then Victor, and then Fleur, and the only she didn't come out with anybody. She came out alone. After about 10 minutes on ice, Harry came out with both Ron, and Fleur's sister. Few! I thought that she was a goner for a second! That was an experience that I never want to relive! I'm kind of glad it's over. It wasn't very exciting! 

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