Olivia brown and the goblet of fire

a sequel to Olivia brown and the philosophers stone, the chamber of secrets, and the prisoner of azkaban


4. The 3 competitors and Professor Moody

I forgot to mention, our new defense against the dark arts teacher! Mad-eye Moody, or as we have to call him, Professor Moody. He has one weird eye! It's like a chameleon eye! But he said he is only going to come here for one year before he would retire, but he's been a teacher. But during brake, me and Alex meet. He turned out to be a really nice guy! He really likes Hogwarts, and says that at Durmstrang, it's cold inside and out! Luckily, we have fire places, and with magic, we made it so that there are no chimneys, and it comes out from the chimney on the back side of the grounds, past the lake, so nobody has to worry about the smoke. He does have to go to school in that old run-down ship. I'm glad that Durmstrang is a school for boys only. I'd die if I had to live in that ship! But 3 weeks after everybody got here, we were going to announce who got into the tri-wizard tournament

"May I have you're attention everyone? And the three competitors are;"

and just as he was about to say a name, the goblet spat out 3 pieces of paper. Than he continued;

" Fleur Delacour from Boauxbatons, Victor Krum from Durmstrang, and Cedric Diggory from Hogwarts, please follow me into the back room..."

But just as the competitors had gotten back, the goblet spat out another piece of paper. It landed right next to me. And it said, "Harry Potter"

I stood there in awe! He was too young, and I know that nobody liked Harry so much that they would put his name in the goblet and not tell him. Once Dumbledore got there he read it out loud. Harry went into the back room, and he was entered as a competitor

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