Moving To A Different Beat [N.H.]

For Xena boarding school is a new start. A fresh beginning. She's leaving all of her problems back home. After being cheated on by one ex and the death of another, but can she really hide all of these secrets living with five males and two females? Will emotions start to stir? Will she be able to get over all the pain and love again? Read and find out :)


16. Well Hello?

Xena's POV:

The sun beamed into the bedroom warming my face and causing me to wake up. I flickered my eyes open and smiled. I smiled at the blue eyes staring at me. He wrapped his arms pulling my body closer to his and he kissed my cheek. I yawned and sat up. He chuckled with delight and I made a funny face towards him before getting off my bed.

"Why are you watching me sleep anyways Ni?" I giggled.

"You're so cute when you sleep I couldn't help myself." He smiled.

"You know that is a little creepy." I teased. He shrugged and cuddled with my pillow. I laughed and headed downstairs. I heard some commotion coming from the living room. I peeked my head around the corner to see a new girl standing with her bags behind her. She looked frightened and nervous. I soon realized why.

"Sorry but we aren't having anyone else here." Sarah growled. "So you can turn your butt around." 

I walked up to the girl and grabbed her bags. Everyone looked at me with surprised eyes. This girl didn't look like she was the kind to steal someone's guy. She looked like she was forced to come here by family and just wanted to make at least one friend.

"If you don't want anyone else in your room I'm sure the boys can carry that third bed of to Lucy's room. I'm sure she won't mind." I turned my head to look at Lucy who was on the couch with Harry's head on her lap. "Do you?"

"No I don't.." She mumbled.

"Great! Harry get off your ass and move the bed." I yelled as I walked up the stairs. I carried the bags to the room and set them against the wall. She helped me push Lucy's bed over towards the right. A few minutes later the Harry and Lou brought the other bed in. Lucy sat on her bed smiling as Harry walked over and collapsed on her bed. She ran her hands through his hair as he tried to hide a smile. Obviously he liked her, he had a HUGE soft spot for her but didn't want anyone else to realize it. I guess I'm just the smart one in this house. I walked out of the bedroom when I felt someone tug on my arm. I turned around to see the new girl.

"Yes?" I questioned. 

"I'm Laney..." She mumbled.

"I'm Xena, welcome to our family." I smiled. 

She smiled and headed back into their room to unpack. I leaned against the wall and slid down to the floor. I laid my head in my hands and let out a huge sigh.

"That was a nice thing you did for her." I almost pissed myself when he said something. I looked up to see Louis leaning against the wall. 

"No one should be treated badly just because the person before them wasn't good." I sighed. 

"That's just Sarah though." He shook his head. 

"Laney doesn't seem at all bad." 

"I don't think so either. Wanna go out tonight? A bunch of us are heading to a party. Wanna join?" He smirked.

"Just as long as you save me if I fall into the pool drunk again." I joked.

"I will. I promise." He smiled.

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