Moving To A Different Beat [N.H.]

For Xena boarding school is a new start. A fresh beginning. She's leaving all of her problems back home. After being cheated on by one ex and the death of another, but can she really hide all of these secrets living with five males and two females? Will emotions start to stir? Will she be able to get over all the pain and love again? Read and find out :)


21. Reality.

Xena's POV:

Three weeks ago I was in the hospital, with four cracked ribs, a fractured arm and leg. I had to had ten stitches in my head, five on my leg, and three on my wrist. I was brutally banged up. My mother wanted my to stay home until I was cleared by the doctors. I decided to dye my hair a few nights ago, mostly because the crash ruined a lot of my hair. 

I was heading back to school today. None of my family decided to tell any of my roommates what had happen so I was taking a bet that they were all pissed off at me. Or they probably thought that I wasn't gonna come back, which also probably pissed them off. I took a seat in the bleachers of the school baseball field and stared down. They were having practice. I tried to figure out how great a picture would be if taken from my seat. After an hour of just stalling I decided to finally head to the house. When I opened the door I heard nothing. It was absolutely silent. I walked up the stairs to my bedroom. It seemed like nothing was touched of mine but then I realized something was missing. I sat down on my bed and thought about everything I had. 

Then I heard the door downstairs open and shut. A bunch of voices were filling the once silent house. Everyone seemed to be yelling and fighting. I walked down the stairs and stayed by the wall hidden. It seemed like Sarah and Liberty were yelling at Lucy, trying to tell her that Harry was just a horrible person. Lucy was trying to fight back but they wouldn't let a single word slip out of her mouth. Liberty and Laney were fighting about who was actually a mistake to come here. I was getting tired of this shit real fast. I stepped out into the room and everyone went silent. 

"Xena?" Lucy questioned. 

"Your hair..." Louis mumbled. 

"Oh look who finally decided to come back!" Sarah growled. 

"What's the point of even coming back now?!" Liberty glared at me. 

"For your information I was in an accident that day I was suppose to come back here. None of you even dared to check up on me to see if I was fine did you? No I don't think so. My mother didn't want me coming back until I was cleared by the doctors." I yelled. I was angry. "And who gives you the right to judge Harry? Just because you knew him before us doesn't mean anything, because he has changed for Lucy!" I noticed Lucy smile and Harry blush a bit. "And Laney has every right to be here just as you do Liberty!" 

I walked back up to my bedroom without saying another word to anyone. I fell back on my bed and stared up at the ceiling until I heard the door open. I looked up to see Lucy walking inside smiling. I sat up and she took a seat next to me. 

"You're wrong.." She mumbled. 

"About?" I asked. 

"Niall went out asking about you about three days after the date we were suppose to return here. Every night he would go out asking everyone if they had seen you. He'd work himself to the point where he was sick for days of worry. He thought that you weren't returning because you didn't want to see him any longer." She frowned. My heart dropped. 

"Where is he no-" I started but the door opened up. When the door shut I jumped to my feet and tackled him in a tight warm hug. We fell to our knees as he embraced me. 

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