Moving To A Different Beat [N.H.]

For Xena boarding school is a new start. A fresh beginning. She's leaving all of her problems back home. After being cheated on by one ex and the death of another, but can she really hide all of these secrets living with five males and two females? Will emotions start to stir? Will she be able to get over all the pain and love again? Read and find out :)


12. New Home?

Xena's POV:

I coughed as the smell of burnt wood engulfed my nose. I pinched my nose as I grabbed my last box. I walked down the stairs carefully and met Liberty outside. She was sitting on the steps staring at a picture that got burnt. I sat down next to her and she leaned her head on my shoulder.

"Was the fire my fault?" She asked.

"No." I grumbled. "It was Bailey's."

We got up and headed towards the new house. The night before Bailey already claimed rooming with Niall. He didn't object to it either, I guess that's what made me most upset. When we got to the new place there were cars with boxers inside. The men were carrying the boxers in ignoring us. Can't be anymore rude than that I guess. I walked inside to get my first look. In the corner of my eye I saw the new girl. 

She looked like she was completely exhausted. I turned my attention to Bailey who was marching into the room with two frying pans. She stood in front of the new girl and slammed the pans together causing the new girl to wake up in fright. I rushed over to her and helped her up.

"What the hell?!" Liberty hissed at Bailey.

"She doesn't need to be sleeping! She should be helping!" Bailey growled.

"Are you okay?" I asked the new girl.

"Yeah just tired." She yawned. "And why should I help you move your things in? My things are already in the room." 

"Because it's polite!" Bailey groaned.

"Shut up." Harry came in rubbing his temple. "You're annoying me." His cold green eyes were locked on Bailey. She looked a bit terrified but crossed her arms and ran upstairs. I turned my attention back to the new girl who seemed to have her interest peeked at Harry. 

"What's your name?" Liberty asked.

"Lucy." She smiled. I noticed a small smirk form on Harry's lips before he headed upstairs. Louis ran downstairs with a huge smile on his face. 

"How many bedrooms are there?" Liberty asked Louis.

"Five." Louis smirked. 

"Who's rooming with who?" Lucy asked.

"Well Niall and Bailey..." He started and I groaned. "Then there's you two?" He looked at Lucy and Liberty with questioned look.

"Sure I don't mind sharing a room with you." Lucy smiled at Liberty.

"Harry and Liam are sharing a bedroom..." Louis paused. "I guess you get the single Xena..." 

I get a bedroom by myself? I don't have to share? Why didn't this seem so thrilling to me? They all stared at me and I just gave them a small smile. I grabbed my boxes and headed up to me new room. It was the farthest in the hall, sadly I was next to Bailey and Niall. I put my things away and fell back onto the bed. I sighed and stared up at the ceiling. Being alone felt utterly lonely. I don't think I like being alone. I rolled over to my side and balled up. When I heard the door open I jumped up in fright. I looked over to see Niall standing there. He walked in and closed the door behind him. He walked over and sat next to me before laying his head on my shoulder. 

"Shouldn't you be hanging out with your new roommate?!" I growled. 

He pulled his head away from my shoulder and stared at me. He stood up and walked towards the door. I wanted to stop him and hug him but I couldn't find the strength inside me to do so. He stopped at the door for a second before walking out of my room. As soon as he walked into his room tears ran down my cheeks. I pulled my knees up to my face and buried my head in them. I got startled when I felt someone wrapping their arms around me trying to comfort me. I pulled my head up to see Louis' bright blue eyes looking at me worriedly. 

"Are you okay Xena?" He asked

"Y-yeah I'll be fine..." I choked out.

"Wanna go to a party with us?" 

"Sure...I think that's just what I need." I smiled.

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