Moving To A Different Beat [N.H.]

For Xena boarding school is a new start. A fresh beginning. She's leaving all of her problems back home. After being cheated on by one ex and the death of another, but can she really hide all of these secrets living with five males and two females? Will emotions start to stir? Will she be able to get over all the pain and love again? Read and find out :)


8. My Hero?

Xena's POV:

I stood under the hot water just thinking about things. Then I heard things crashing and falling. I quickly got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around me. I ran out into the hall to see everyone. The girls looked terrified. I thought at first that Louis and Harry were fighting but it wasn't Lou. It was Niall, Harry was fighting with. 

"Just switch rooms with me." Harry yelled throwing out more things of Niall's in our room.

"Hell no Styles!" Niall said pushing Harry out of the room. 

"Do you really think she wants to share a room with a loser like you?!" Harry pushed Niall into the wall then turned to me. He pulled my head to his and smashed his lips against mine. I tried pushing him away but his grip was too strong. So instead I bite his lip. He didn't pull away though, but both Lou and Niall yanked him off of me. I gasped for air and stumbled back. He smirked at me and suddenly I felt sick. I ran back into the bathroom and started throwing up. 

After I was feeling better I got dressed and hurried back to my room. Niall was cleaning up things that Harry was trying to throw out. My legs were so weak. I wobbled over to my bed and fell down. Niall came over and sat down on the floor next to my bed. He looked in the direction of his bed. 

"Are you okay?" He asked softly.

"I feel sick." I said.

He turned around and hopped onto the bed next to me. He wrapped his arms around me and I buried my head into his chest. I felt the sickness feeling drifting away. We heard someone knocking on our door. Liberty came in with a bowl of spaghetti. 

"Thank you." I said taking the bowl.

"Harry is just an ass!" She said shaking her head. "It's okay after Niall punched him and he ran to his bedroom Lou beat the shit out of him." She laughed. I looked at Niall who was blushing a bit. I smiled and kissed his cheek which only made him blush more. Liberty giggled.

After I was done eating I decided to walk down to the kitchen to get a drink. I put the bowl in the sink and looked in the fridge for something to drink.

"Think you're smart don't you." I heard Harry groan from the doorway. I suddenly felt sick again. He pinned me against the wall. 

"Get off of her!" I heard Louis's voice as Harry was pulled off me. Harry fell backwards onto the ground. I slid down the wall gasping for air out of fright. I ran up to the girls room. I slammed the door shut behind me and fell to my knees crying.

"Xena what's wrong?" Sarah asked bending next to me. 

"I need to get out of here for awhile." I cried. "I'm going home for awhile." 

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