Moving To A Different Beat [N.H.]

For Xena boarding school is a new start. A fresh beginning. She's leaving all of her problems back home. After being cheated on by one ex and the death of another, but can she really hide all of these secrets living with five males and two females? Will emotions start to stir? Will she be able to get over all the pain and love again? Read and find out :)


22. Fine by me.

Xena's POV:

I finished curling the ends of my hair and I just stared in the mirror at my dark hair. It's so odd but I like it a lot. After I was done I walked back into the bedroom. I was going through my drawers when I felt someone wrap their arms around me. I turned around just as Niall's lips locked with mine. He wrapped his arms around my waist holding me close. I wrapped my arms around him enjoying his embrace. 

"I'm sorry Xena.." He whispered in my ear.

"Sorry for what Niall?" I asked pulling my head away and staring up at him. 

"For doing that with Bailey..." He mumbled. You could just hear the sadness in his voice. 

"Are you sure you guys did anything?"

"I'm not sure...but she said..." 

"She's lying Niall.." I cuffed my hands on his cheeks. 

"H-how do you know?" 

"Because Lucy said that night she came out of the room with a disappointed look on her face. Meaning you didn't even give her any drunk." 

He smiled softly and I pulled him in a tight hug. His arms wrapped around me tightly causing me to groan in slight pain. He pulled away and looked at me funny. Truth is I wasn't really cleared fully by the doctors to come back to school. I still have a cracked rib and it hurts real bad. I smiled at him pretending nothing was wrong. We walked down to the living room where almost everyone else was at. I took a seat next to Lucy who was smiling brightly. I looked down and realized that Harry was holding her hand.

"He asked me out.." She whispered in my ear. 

"That's great Lucy." I whispered back. 

Everyone seemed so happy and peaceful now. No one is fighting or arguing which is always a plus. I noticed Niall kept staring at me but quickly turning his head away whenever I would look over at him. He's not as sneaky as he believes he is. I smirked softly and headed out of the house. It was a nice day to soak in the sun. I got to the end of the drive when I suddenly felt someone wrapping their arms around my waist. I turned around quickly and then felt warm lips against mine. I pulled away to see Niall looking at me confused. I giggled before wrapping my arms around him kissing him once more. I longed for this every day. I wanted this. I wanted him. I was in so deep that there was no way I could turn around and run away. 

"Xena please..." He moaned against my lips. "Please be....mine..." 

I kissed him so passionately. So filled with every part of my soul. "Of course Niall..." I moaned before kissing him again. Did this mean what I think it means? Was I finally Niall's girl?

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