Olivia brown and the prisoner of Azkaban

a sequel to Olivia brown and the philosophers stone, and the chamber of secrets.


3. the sorting hat

When we got to school, Anna and Leah went with Hagrid. Me, Harry, Ron, and Hermionie went to the carriages that the third years got to ride in. Harry said that he saw the invisible horses that were pulling us. That gave me the creeps! He said that they looked like nothing but bones. Magic is so weird these days. But once we got to the great hall, we all got settled for the feast. The first years came out, and got sorted. The twins weren't until the end, but that made it more exciting. Leah was first in line out of the twins. She walked as fast as she could to get to that stool when her name was called, and when she sat on the stool, she knew  what to expect, and the hat was placed on her head. and within 5 seconds the hat yelled out " GRYFFENDOR!!!!!!!!!" It was exciting to know that she would be in my house, but not 100% sure that Anna would be the same. Anna was next. Her's went a little different. When she sat down, it took the sorting hat a minute to decide. From time to time he'd say, " Not Hullfepuff, or Ravenclaw."  And it took a minute, but the sorting hat said "SLYTHERYN!!"

Me and Leah were both screwed, but were happy for her. I knew that she might be a little questioned at first, but I knew some people who were in Slytheryn, who are really nice. But in the meanwhile, I went on and congratulated Leah, and said that I'll talk to Anna later, and enjoyed the feast!

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