Olivia brown and the prisoner of Azkaban

a sequel to Olivia brown and the philosophers stone, and the chamber of secrets.


7. Sirius Black

By then, it was half way through the year. Nothing to exciting happened until April. After our visit to hogsmead in march, April was here. It all went by in a flash! I was surprised at how fast it went! And then, towards the end of April, it happened! Harry said that he claimed to hear something in the shrieking shack, and went for it. And Hermionie and Ron followed him. Am I imagining things, or are they sticking by his side a little more than usual? But anyways, they said that they herd a noise, and so they went after it, and they got stuck in the womping willow on the way. They went to the shrieking shack, and discovered Sirius Black! They said that they had no choice but to follow him! They went into the bedroom and Sirius Black told them the whole story. About how he didn't kill anybody that night, he was known to be the dark lords spy, but was actually best friends with his spy.But why woulds anyone believe him? He was now at a new home treated as a pet rat. Who would believe poor Sirius Black though? Nobody did!! But in the end, he escaped from Azkaban by becoming a dog. That is what he would use at Hogwarts too. Everybody thought that he was just a stray dog. It was really quite genius, I have to say. Me and Hermionie knew that he was a ware-wolf the whole time, and kept his secret, but now, the whole school knows! But in the end, Nobody got hurt, except for Ron had broke his ankle. Nothing to major. Sirius Black escaped, and to this day, I believe them. Why else would Ron dis-inherit Scrabbers? His oen and only pet? 

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