Olivia brown and the prisoner of Azkaban

a sequel to Olivia brown and the philosophers stone, and the chamber of secrets.


4. Serious Black

Well, at the beginning of the year, everything went nicely. But they're was one thing that nobody bothered to tell us. That Serious Black was on the lose!!! That was one fact that our parents were supposed to know, and were allowed to keep us at home until this mystery was solved. But in the meantime, I introduced my sisters to some other first years, and told them about what they would be learning in there first year. I told them about the teachers, and about all of  the important stuff that they needed to know about Hogwarts before they did anything. The basics. Like how in the 2 years I've gone to this school, 2 of them Harry went missing, which left the school sitting on pins and nestles! 

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